Help! I’m Thirsty

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Help! I’m Thirsty

During the hot days of summer, your skin screams out to you for help. It feels thirsty and tight more than ever. It is true that your skin feels drier in winter, yet it pleads for water in the hot season because of dehydration. Quench your skin with the best moisturizers before it’s too late to heal lines and cracks.


Sexy Dewy Skin

Dehydration is mainly characterized by lack of water. Even if you have oily skin, you must maintain moisture levels in your skin because it also suffers from dehydration during summer. In order to help your skin the best way possible, start by giving up your wintery heavy cream and allow your skin to breathe. During warm months, perspiration levels are higher; that’s why your skin requires a light formulated cream. Start by applying it onto your skin before you go for your sunscreen. With this plan of application, you can enjoy healthy looking skin all summer long.


Refresh & Renew

In order to maintain a high level of moisture in your dermis, it is a good idea to drink lots of water during the day…and perhaps not too much at night! Spritz your skin with some refreshing water as you spend your day outdoors, especially when sunbathing at the beach. What you should definitely do, without any question, is apply an intense moisturizing cream both day and night to restore hydration and refresh your dull skin.


Multi-Tasked Hydration

Every day, cell activity clutters water in the skin with micro-fragments that must be eliminated by a natural biological process. With age, or when under attack, this purification system malfunctions. The cells’ vital functions are impaired right to the heart of the skin. Over time, it withers, loses its plumpness, and becomes wrinkled. Reactivate your skin’s natural water purification process and launch natural hydration flows, while restoring youthfulness, with a plumping hydrating serum.


Cool It Off

After a long day spent at the beach, your skin has been subjected to harmful sun rays. The damage has already been done, but you can do something about it. Recover your skin with a cooling lotion that you apply after sun exposure. It won’t affect your beautiful tan; on the contrary, it will help you to maintain your golden glow. If you aim for a more tanned look, you can go for a tinted mineral moisturizer that is really generous, as it provides you with both a bronze color and hydrated skin.