The Seahorse Dance

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
The Seahorse Dance

At the beach, couples can get inspired by the beautiful view of the sea. The picturesque vista is enough for feelings of passion to arise just like with our friends in the sea. Seahorses are known to be mates for life; the male and female seahorse have a complex habit of “dancing” as they tangle their tails into each other. Amazingly, they even typically prefer to rest in one spot. How about trying this kind of sexy and tangled experience just like these adorable seashores?


How To: The man has to lie down on his back facing the sea with his legs stretched out in front of him; he can support himself up on his forearms. The woman should sit on his lap, while resting her hands on his thighs or pelvic area in order to assist the thrusting process. Pleasure Points: The woman has all the mighty control in this case; she is the ruler of pleasure. The steadiness and the flexibility of the female will also allow the man to push deeper into his mate.


Advantages: This passion pose gives the man in question an exotic examination of the woman in front of him; the panoramic sight of the sea and the chaotic waves simply adds to the experience. The man can merely relax and enjoy every second of the thrill; penetration will be deeper and more pleasurable than ever before, as the twosome has the greatest sea sex ever.


Disadvantages: Some men might not like this position since he just has to lie down and watch the woman do all the hard work. However, the concept of relaxing and exploring the spectacle surrounding him could be seventh heaven.


Power: Since the woman is in charge of this exciting boat ride, she can bend her upper body forward or backward to adjust the penetration perspective. The Seahorse position is perfect for letting her wild side loose in an aquatic setting.


Add a Twist: During intercourse, a twist or turn during the Seashore will really make this escapade the hottest sex position ever. Changes in the angle and the depth of thrusting will do the trick!


Bon Voyage, Bon Sex!!

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