Nespresso’s Limited Edition

Friday, August 22, 2014
Nespresso’s Limited Edition

Inspired by the warmth of the Cuban way of life and its iconic coffee ritual, Nespresso coffee experts have stretched their mastery of the art of coffee creation to produce Cubanía – a taste of Latin passion. Coffee is a way of life for Cubans and their extensive global diaspora: a social moment of the day when coffee supersedes conversation and pleasure rules. With Cubanía, Nespresso invites coffee lovers on a sensory journey igniting not only fresh tastes and aroma sensations, but visiting new realms of coffee culture and history.  Going one step beyond the Kazaar Grand Cru of intensity 12, Cubanía reaches intensity 13 – the intensity scale at Nespresso being defined by a combination of roasting, bitterness, and body. Achieving this was made possible by an innovative application of expertise that drew upon earlier creations, both those of Nespresso, as of an early 20th century German professor, Karl Lendrich, who discovered the gentle process of steaming coffee to change its chemical and physical structure.