Are You Living Your Dream Lifestyle?

Thursday, May 25, 2017
Are You Living Your Dream Lifestyle?
Are You Living Your Dream Lifestyle?

Each and every person longs for a particular dream lifestyle whether it’s all about having an exquisite mansion with a personal chef, owning a huge closet of designer clothes and shoes, or even pursuing a passion. However, have you ever noticed how people are usually the happiest when on vacation? It’s all about being able to escape from reality, getting away from the normal routine of life and living a new dream … a new culture … a new experience.

Now, let’s say one of your dreams includes having your own yacht with a white interior. Great! Visualization here is essential. Do some research on the Internet! You can even attend a boat show to learn more about the boating world, get all the necessary information needed, and discover why it’s a dream to be fulfilled. After you have all the data ready, try to set objectives and make some calculations. You can even start building revenue streams to point you in the right direction. And remember, it’s not always about the money; it’s also about the reasons why you want to attain your dream and to what extent it’s actually feasible.

There are 3 steps to help you find the key to your dream lifestyle:
1. Create the life you’ve always wanted: Have a clear idea of what you want in life. When you define all that matters to you the most and what your life objectives are, you can take the next step towards the life of your dreams.

2. Start living it in your mind: There will be ups and downs in life, so you should never give up! Just keep on going until you reach your target. Mind power is fundamental in this case.

3. Just do it with some fun: Set up a time frame, take action, and most importantly, have fun. Enjoy the whole process of dream accomplishment: pre, during, and post phases. For instance, Richard Branson, the man behind the Virgin empire, does everything with fun. As he says in his book Like a Virgin: “Fun is a serious business tool.”

Take this quick quiz to find out if you’re living your dream lifestyle.

1. You are:

A. Male.

B. Female.


2. If you had all the money that you needed, you would…

A. Invest in your dream.

B. Live your dream.


3. Who would you spend your time with the most?

A. Family.

B. Colleagues.


4. What would you dream of having?

A. A fancy car.

B. A luxurious yacht.


5. If you discovered that you had a few years to live, you would…

A. Live your life to the fullest.

B. Enjoy what you have at the moment.


6. Which phrase do you believe in?

A. “I like simplicity; I don't need luxury.” Francis Ford Coppola

B. “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it’s not luxury.” Coco Chanel


Mostly As: You are one step closer.

You are in the process of discovery and planning your dream lifestyle. Define your goals and figure out what you really want. Make your dreams a reality and you’ll be so satisfied and proud of yourself!


Mostly Bs: You are living it!

You simply love luxury and comfort. It gives you fulfillment because you feel that you have achieved so much in life. You are generally a happy person because you are living the life of your dreams.

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