Hair Tips Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Tuesday, April 05, 2016
Hair Tips Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Have you dreamt of the perfect hair since the beginning of time? Yeah, well who hasn’t?! How do you choose your hairstyles and hair color? Do you do so according to seasonal trends? Do you consider your face shape and skin color? Is it all about your own personal preferences? Make a slight change this time and base hair choices according to your zodiac sign!



Being quite larger than life yourself, you ought to have big hair that reflects your personality. Wavy strands with volume are always in favor. When you feel tired of having big hair, just turn it into a high, big bun.

Hair Colors: Light brown with blond highlights, fiery red



You just can’t let a day pass by without having elegant hair! At the same time, you look for a practical style that helps you move on with your day without spending too much time fixing your strands. Your sign says a short haircut will suit you well - like a pixie perhaps - or even some trendy bangs that keep your hair in good shape.

Hair Colors: Blond, colored highlights



Having a dual personality also affects the way you choose your hairstyles. You just can’t have it styled the same way all the time; you need to have different looks every now and then. Keep your strands long enough to be able to play with different hairstyles, from braids to appealing ponytails.

Hair Colors: Orange blond, ombre style



You like it simple no matter what the case, even when it comes to your hair. Keep your strands flowing down your shoulders whether they’re sleek or curly. Just make sure you have a medium length hairstyle so that you always feel comfortable.

Hair Colors: Black, brown with light ends



You are wild enough to pick your hairstyle off a magazine page or a recent catwalk appearance. Stylish is your motto, and you ought to adopt the latest trend before anyone else does. You prefer daring looks as long as your hair is big and looks strong.

Hair Colors: Deep brown, very light blond



Just like your personality, your hair has to be natural, reflecting all that’s pure and serene. You like braids that are super feminine, as well as long strands that are no way near short crops. 

Hair Colors: Reddish brown, natural brown



As much as you like equilibrium, your hair-oscope suggests the opposite. Center parts are a no-no, but side swept strands or bangs are a yes-yes! A short bob is great, as well as a beachy, wavy look.

Hair Colors: Yellow blond, natural dark hair



You like it dramatic, sophisticated, yet crazy. Your zodiac suggests you mix classics with trendy, such as having a natural crop with stylish color, or the opposite. You will be satisfied with having elegant appealing hair.

Hair Colors: Coal black, orange, purple



You are the most diverse when it comes to hair. It is long at times, and shorter in a glance. You go for extensions to change your look, and you don’t have any guidelines or borders when it comes to adopting completely different styles. You can pull off various styles in such a short time.

Hair Colors: Different shades of blond



You don’t like to mess up with your hair. It should be neat at all times, always looking perfect. You prefer longer strands that are always in good shape, and you can accept having layers as well.

Hair Colors: Deep colors



No restrictions, no strings attached. Any hairstyle can suit you at any occasion. You like your hair to look flowing with multi-colors no matter what the cut and style looks like.

Hair Colors: Vibrant streaks, pink, blue



You want your hair to look as flattering as can be. You prefer up-dos such as sleek buns and fancy ponytails, yet you don’t want to spend much time fixing your hair. Just keep it simple and rely on accessories for diverse looks.

Hair Colors: Natural colors, honey brown, blond