Reality Check

Friday, June 16, 2017
Reality Check

Our early programming, conditioning, and surroundings are key factors in determining how we see and experience life. As a newborn baby, how did we view the world? Although we’ve each lived every instant of our lives, it seems strange that we don’t have memories of those early moments, and how the faculty that allows us to remember what happened yesterday seems to be inoperative on our very early time. We don’t need an expert to tell us how far back we can remember. We can recall our first memories and sometimes they can even arrive years later – perhaps after hearing a story for the first time or seeing an old photograph of ourselves, which triggers something from the past. 


Our mood and state of mind operates like a reflective mirror, emulating the outside world according to how we’ve been trained. Based on what we’ve been taught by instruction or by example, we form our own perceptions and create a “reality” based on the way we felt after past events. For example, if raised in an environment bursting with frustration and anger, negativity can play a large part in shaping our worlds. Perpetually it spreads its poison to everything and everybody – albeit at varying degrees. We each have our own personal camera lens that interprets the world.  If at an early age we have no options other than to zoom in on pessimism and dejection, sadly, we’re left with far fewer opportunities to experience the joy and splendour that’s readily available for those that know it exists and instinctively claim it.


Similarly, when we are raised in a loving milieu, the whole “reality” of the world around us becomes like a garden of precious roses, flowering smiles and giggles…. They seem to stretch limitlessly across all boundaries, paint brushing our momentary path with passion and ecstasy. Such “reality,” however, remains innocent and fragile just like an elegant orchard; it wouldn't live long regardless of how well we may tend to it. It is bound to wither and die eventually, yet we try to keep its enticing fragrance alive… to pulsate beyond the fading time… to comfort our mortal hearts…. Still, even this beautiful “reality” is created, deceptive, and subjective.


We don’t appear to see the absolute reality, but we are pretty good at giving it meanings and explanations according to our disposition, attitude, and many other factors, none of which are related to the reality perceived by a newborn. The magical purity and rawness of reality is evident in an infant’s eyes…. We can sense it, yet we can’t fathom its magnitude… we can intuit its presence through the brightness projected by tiny baby eyes… by the totality they appear to view in their surroundings… by their awed stare that cripples all words trying to describe it. It seems that those first blissful, sanctified moments are perfectly designed so that we can only experience and live them, but not remember them. Perhaps by design, those flashes are our welcoming greeting when we first check in, and who knows, they may be our farewell adieu when we check out.

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