5 Trends That Will Change Your Sex Life

Tuesday, January 03, 2017
5 Trends That Will Change Your Sex Life

The future of sex is one to be discovered. Here are 5 sexual trends that will change your outlook forever…


1. Virtual sex

Virtual reality has been doing wonders lately, enhancing military training and allowing space exploration and remote surgery. On the sinful side, in the realms of Final Fantasy, Red Light Centre, and Second Life, virtual reality has been catering to all sorts of cybersex and adult behaviors. If you think that is shocking, think again! Japanese company Tenga has produced a video game where the user wears goggles, inserts his intimate organ into a cylindrical sex tube, and connects to software programs that regulate sex avatars responding to the user’s actions.


2. Remote sex

Breakthroughs in haptic technology will bring phone and video sex to a whole new level. As telecom networks grow, circuitry improves, and broadband speeds increase, couples from across continents will bring each other to killer orgasms remotely. Some of the technologies exist already, such as the PC enabled male masturbator RealTouch, Fundawear by Durex (vibrating underwear operated through smartphone apps), and Wii’s sophisticated movement sensors. Once couples get in the mood for cuddling or spooning after a hot session of far-off penetrative sex, Pillow Talk is there to mimic heartbeats and instill intimacy.


3. The “girlfriend experience”

She will be either a prostitute or a fictional character; both will have a big part in the client’s sexual and non-sexual life. Sex workers will offer personalized tech-driven services and a realistic “girlfriend” add-on experience, boldly seasoned with anniversary gifts and love letters. They will sell the illusion of a steady relationship. The same need for affection and involvement has made Tokyo’s resort town Atami transpire. The resort’s hotels accommodate LovePlus+ gamers and their virtual girlfriends – anime characters from the video game – for a romantic weekend. It does not matter if they are real or not, they fulfill a fantasy.





4. Robot sex

They are not human, yet they are made of bacteria resistant fiber and flushed for human fluids. They are robots, yet they are tailor-designed to have unique personalities. They will be prostitutes that feed the future sex tourism, yet they cannot be sold into sex slavery. According to Ian Yeoman, management professor in Victoria University, and Michelle Mars, a sexologist, Amsterdam in 2050 will be filled with sex-robots of different ethnicities, body shapes, ages, languages, and sexual features. Their services will cost up to 10.000 Euros. However, for $9.000, plus registration fees, you can have sex-robot/doll Roxxxy today.


5. Gadgets for everyday porn

There will be an evident transition from the pornification of present media to the pornification of human minds. As of this year, revolutionary technologies will crowd the market, such as the Google Glass Sex ($1.500) that enables us to see what our lovers see, which relies on a brand new technology that we only see in sci-fi movies: shared live streaming. From ordering customized replicas of our partner’s genitalia, to printing life-size sex dolls at home, 3D printed sex parts ($1.300) are reshaping the very definition of sex toys’ personalization.



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