5 Common Mistakes Women Make At The Gym

Wednesday, October 01, 2014
5 Common Mistakes Women Make At The Gym

You've managed to squeeze that little bit of gym time into your hectic schedule and you've already made it into the locker room.... Great! You're on the right track! Now all you need to do is ensure you are most productive with your time by steering clear of these 5 faux pas that many women make at the gym.


1- Avoiding weights

Women usually avoid weight lifting in fear of building big, bulky muscles that aren't all that glamorous. This is something not to worry about ladies! When it comes to women, weight training helps to build muscle, which results in a lean and toned overall look.  The presence of high estrogen levels in females hinder the buildup of bulky muscles that women fret about. Studies show that women who strength train for at least an hour a day even burn more calories the day AFTER their workout compared to the times when they did not lift! So by lifting weights, not only are you sculpting yourselves a toned figure, you are also effortlessly losing additional calories along the way.


2- Relying on spot reduction

Time to get rid of this myth! Spot reduction involves trying to lose fat in a specific part of your body by performing exercises that target that particular area. A typical example of this would be doing excess sets of sit-ups to get rid of belly fat. It is true that sit-ups will strengthen your abdominal muscles, but that layer of fat that covers them isn't going anywhere without an effective cardiovascular workout that will burn calories and fat overall.


3- Sticking to steady paced cardio

When you first begin a cardio workout routine, your body meets the challenge and responds effectively. However, with time, your body adapts to the pace you are working out at and reaches a plateau, which won't get you anywhere if you stay at the same pace. If you want to continue seeing improvements, it's time to step up the game! While working on your cardio, you must incorporate intervals of high-intensity activity into your usual routine.  


4- Holding on to the rails

Although holding on to the side rails of a treadmill might seem harmless, doing so will deny you from the full benefits of your workout. Holding on to the rails negatively affects your posture and provides more support for your upper body, making the work out easier, and in turn, less effective.  If you find yourself holding on for your life because you are not keeping up, then slow down the pace and imagine that the rails are not even there!


5- Wearing too much perfume

While this might not be your typical gym error, it is definitely one worth considering since it can affect you and everyone else around you. There is nothing worse than working out at the gym and getting a whiff of someone drenched in perfume! Wearing a bold fragrance in a fitness facility where people are breathing heavily is simply inappropriate.  Not only is it irritating to smell, but some can also have an adverse reaction to the chemicals. So please ladies, save it for a date!