When An Anxiety Attack Hits

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
When An Anxiety Attack Hits

It feels awful…. You suddenly feel weak, you have chest pain, your skin flushes, your heart is racing, and you cannot seem to breathe. Anxiety attacks can come and go for many of us. Here is what you can do to calm your body down:


  • Recognize your symptoms. Acknowledge your attack as a first step to calming down.
  • Jot things down. If you can record the events and symptoms of your attack, this can help you in the future.
  • Focus on your breathing. Try to breathe deeply from your belly to calm yourself down.
  • Chill and relax as much as you can. Focus on your tense body parts and try to loosen them up one by one.
  • Talk out loud. You are your own best friend in this situation. Tell yourself that this is going to come to an end very soon.
  • Get the help you need. Visit your physician to discuss panic attacks. Maybe you need some additional therapy.