8 Tips To Get Over Your Gymtimidation

Wednesday, October 26, 2016
8 Tips To Get Over Your Gymtimidation

Women experience it more than men do (2 to 1), and it has become an actual term… gymtimidation is the fear of working out. It is thriving in Britain - the latest reports claim - and it’s the female clan that are the most self-conscious. Many women are feeling insecure in the gym… and entering the fitness center while feeling unfit is making them feel so uncomfortable that it is keeping them away all together.


So how can someone avoid experiencing gymtimidation? Here are some useful tips:


1. Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone had to start somewhere and there is no better time than the present!


2. Take baby steps and know you will get to where you are headed one day. Persistance is key!


3. Keep your head up and don’t assume that others are watching you. Everyone was once a beginning at one point in their exercise journey!


4. Ask for professional help when it comes to using new machines. Don't be shy to ask a staff member or personal trainer at the gym to help you with anything at all.


5. Repeat positive thoughts in your head. Thinking negatively will only work against you.


6. Use your fear as a motivator. Persist and break through your fear barriers. It is worth the effort.


7. Set up your playlist and block out everyone around you. Just focus on your workout. Music is an amazing motivator!


8. Read up and do some research to understand your feelings. You already are heading in the right direction by reading this right now. Good going!