Getting Personal with Mirva Kadi

Friday, January 09, 2015
A Woman with the Zest For Life!
Getting Personal with Mirva Kadi
Getting Personal with Mirva Kadi
Getting Personal with Mirva Kadi

She’s a singer, an actress, and a dancer…. She’s talented, easy on the eyes (to put it mildly), and an ambitious woman all around. This lovely person is none other than one of our favorite local celebs, Mirva Kadi. With a sporty attitude and a zest for life, she allowed us to enter her private world of likes and dislikes, beliefs and thoughts, in order to get to know her better!




Name: Mirva Kadi

Date of Birth: 08/09

Occupation: A graduate in Audio Visual and works as an actress and singer

Birthplace: Cannes - France


C’est la vie…


How do you define your life?

I believe I am a lucky woman and I trust life is a place to live once; I think it is a chance to make the best out of it.


What is your biggest fear?

Failure - although I believe that it is from failure that we get the best lessons in life. I have to admit that it frightens me.


What gives you the most pleasure in life?

Seeing everyone happy around me is one main pleasure for me, starting with my family and friends. I think that is the most enjoyable pleasure.


What is your motto in life?

You get what you give, whether good or bad. I believe in Karma.


Do you have any regrets in life?

Not really, but sometimes I do regret having been too sweet to some people who abused my sweetness and only hurt me. Then again, I learned a lot from that too and that’s what takes me back to believing in Karma.


Who has touched you most deeply in your life?

My family - mainly my mother for her devotion, her love, and her passion to raise us into what have become today. That is what touches me the most.


If you weren’t doing what you are doing now – what would you choose as a career?

I would still be going into a career with the same orientation; I think it was not a choice. I am someone who is passionate about what I do and love to do, and if I was to be born again, I would go into the same direction.


The opposite sex…


What is the first thing that you notice in the opposite sex?

I notice maturity and confidence.


What is the most irritating trait for you in the opposite sex?

Unfaithfulness and disrespect.


What do you think is the sexiest trait in the opposite sex?

 Humor, intelligence, and generosity – and by the latter I mean on all levels, including emotional generosity (just so I don’t get misunderstood).


Do you believe in love at first sight?

It’s this kind of love I believe in the most.




What is the last thing you do before sleeping?

I read; I always sleep with a book in my hand… or sometimes I take a sneak peak at my phone.


How do you keep in shape?

I practice a lot of sports and I dance too.


Do you follow a certain type of diet?

Of course I have a love-hate relationship with diet. I have no idea when I will be able to peacefully break up.☺


Do you like to exercise? What do you do?

I do a lot of exercises with my trainer and I am always on for any sport or activity with my friends.


Do you have any other hobbies?

Yes, many, and I keep getting interested in new hobbies.


When you have spare time on your hands, what do you like to do?

 Gather with my friends for drinks and some good laughs.


Are you very selective in the brands or types of clothes you wear?

I am not exactly a brand person; I love fashion and it doesn’t have to be of a specific brand. However, I admit I appreciate some good brands!


Do you have any bad or bizarre habits?

Nothing I can think of.


What item in your makeup bag could you never live without?





Who is your favorite author?

Paulo Coelho.


What is your favorite show to watch on TV?

Dancing with the Stars.


What is your favorite type of food?



What is your favorite sport?

Horseback riding and tennis.


Do you have a favorite perfume?



Where is your favorite place to travel?

Vegas – USA.


Do you have a favorite movie?

El Cantante.


Do you have a favorite makeup brand?



What is your favorite snack?



Do you have a favorite singer or band?

Coldplay and J- Lo.


Favorite actor/actress?

Brad Pitt.


It’s personal…


How important is money to you?

Money is important and I think whoever denies it would be lying; however I am honestly not the person who believes money can buy happiness.


If you could change one thing about you…what would it be?

My guilt; it pains me to feel guilty when I don’t have to.


What makes you cry?

A lot of things make me cry, among which… any inhumane act and seeing someone in pain.


What gives you inspiration?

Solitude gives me inspiration.


As a child, what did you dream of becoming?

A super star.


What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Don’t believe everything you hear.


A promising future…


Do you have any dreams?

Many dreams and I can’t keep count!


What challenges do you face in your career?

I face the challenge of finding the thin line between what I love to perform and what people like.  


What are your future plans?

I have many plans and I think I am on the right track; I will be disclosing this at the right time.


Is there anything about you or your personality that others would be surprised about?

I think I am a different person when people meet me - and this depends on the expectations of others.


What do you believe is the key to success?

Doing something you love that comes from the heart.


Getting Personal with Mirva Kadi


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