Hot Holiday Makeup

Friday, December 26, 2014
Hot Holiday Makeup
Hot Holiday Makeup
Hot Holiday Makeup

When the air turns crisp and cold outside, it poses as the definitive moment to turn up the heat. Hot makeup styles and trends are flourishing for the fall/winter season. Turn up your sense of style and get involved in the latest trends. Colorful and daring… or dark and smoldering – just take your pick.

Go Bold If You Dare

It’s always advisable to appreciate with fall/winter season with an impactful fashion statement. Go for bold if you dare… or keep it subtle with a touch of class.



Festive Tip #1: Applying a bit of white or nude eyeliner on your lower lid can make your eyes pop – in a good way! It’s an easy way to look fresh and more awake.  

Opt For Staying Power

It’s that time of the year to dress up and impress everyone in the room! Between the hugs and kisses and plenty of food on your plate – your makeup could decide to head south if you don’t have an action plan in place. What’s a woman to do? Go for makeup products that will stay in place and guarantee you pure sophistication all evening long.


Festive Tip #2: Please, please, please! Always match your lip pencil to your lipstick - which will make your lips look clean and full. Keep the bold lip liner look in the 80’s where it belongs!


T’is the Season to Shine Bright

There is nothing more attractive than confidence – and exuding that confidence turns into the sexiest trait ever. Now couple all that with some winning makeup styles and products and you are sure to be the success of every party. Whether it’s all about your big blue eyes… or your lustrous red lips… accentuate your assets with good quality items.


Festive Tip #3: Pressed powder can be the key to setting and mattifying your entire look. Using it will extend the length of time your makeup will last.


Color Your World

The fall/winter season is all about color – from deep fall colors to bright and festive hues. Don’t be shy when it comes to new trends. Ask for some expert advice and jazz things up!


Festive Tip #4: To bring out the color of your eyes, select contrasting shades. Blue eyes look beautiful with orange, brown, apricot, gold, and warm tones. Brown and black eyes look stunning with blue, green, grey, silver, and cool shades.