This Season’s Resolution Plan

Sunday, December 28, 2014
Start with a short term one!
This Season’s Resolution Plan

Roughly 30% of people around the globe set resolution plans that they aim to abide by during the coming year. Six months later, less than half of them will still be on target, which is partially to be blamed on the fact that the set plan was a long term one. What’s the alternative? Aim for a shorter-term plan that extends a week before Christmas till a few days after New Year’s Eve. Once achieved, you can easily elongate your plan for the rest of the year.


Love your heart in moderation on Christmas Eve!

Despite all recommendations to make healthy choices on behalf of your heart, make it an exception this coming Christmas Eve, at least when it comes to those tipsy beverages. By the time your heart appreciates your efforts filling it with anti-oxidant rich red wine, your body will have stacked on some extra kilos. Shed off the weight this Christmas by drinking wine in moderation, as every glass has around 130 calories.


Add a healthy twist to your round of shopping! 

Shopping during the holiday season will drain your pockets and exhaust your credit card; yet, there is an advantage to it from a nutritionist’s perspective: it helps burn calories as long as you don’t have frequent munching stops in between rounds. Four hours of shopping can help you burn 500 calories; so if you can do that over 2 weeks, you can magically shed off 1 kg of your weight. The common saying of “shop till you drop” makes perfect sense! Wear a pedometer for easier tracking.


Downscale the calorie content of the Yule Log!

Though it’s hard to control your expenses during this season, you can still control the calories you consume, at least with the Yule Log. Usually, one portion contains around 300 calories. Cut those calories in half with these simple strategies:


  • Use light butter (with no more than 25% fat)
  • Use 2 egg whites instead of each whole egg
  • Sweeten with cinnamon, nutmeg, or vanilla extract instead of regular sugar
  • Use only dark chocolate
  • Reduce the cream filling or replace with sugar free jam


Delay sweetness till after New Year’s Eve!

It’s a tradition for many people to grab an 800 calorie knefeh on their way back from New Year’s Eve celebrations, hoping that a sweet start will extend to all coming days. This year, let’s break tradition and end our celebrations with a glass of water to flush all the toxic memories of last year and hope for a fresh new start!


Dream of a white Christmas rather than a nutty one!

If you really want to keep your weight in check, you’d better hush that craving for nuts. Here’s the evidence:

  • 23 almonds contain around 160 calories
  • 18 cashew nuts contain around 164 calories
  • 3 chestnuts contain around 40 calories
  • 11 Macadamias contain around 200 calories
  • 7 whole walnuts contain around 184 calories
  • 47 pistachios contain around 160 calories


Now do the math, aiming for no more than 100 calories, as a starter.


Do not underestimate liquid calories on New Year’s Eve!

When you’re counting calories during this festive season, make sure you also count liquid calories!

  • A can of beer has around 150 calories
  • A can of soda has around 160 calories
  • 1 glass of champagne has around 90 calories
  • A serving (30mL) of Rum, Whiskey, Gin, Tequilla, Vodka, or Arak has around 75 calories
  • A serving (15mL) of liquor or cognac has around 35 calories


Wrap turkey with health benefits and offer it to your guests with confidence!

Get a lighter turkey version this Christmas Eve (serves 12) with a calorie count of 350 per serving. Roll up your sleeves and be the healthilicious chef for the night:

  • Rub turkey breasts with 2 tbsp each of fresh rosemary, thyme leaves, and olive oil
  • Thinly slice 1 onion, 1 apple, and 1 pear. Stuff the turkey with these along with ¼ cup of dried cranberries
  • Glaze it with 2 cups of apple juice and 1 tbsp each of brown sugar, mustard, and olive oil


Dance like no one’s watching on New Year’s Eve!  

This New Year’s Eve, do not step off the dance floor. Here’s why: A 60kg person can burn around 300 calories per hour dancing. So dance with full power like no one’s watching. To others, you may look drunk… but deep down you know you are celebrating New Year the fun and guilt-free way!