Discover the Road to Happiness

Monday, August 08, 2016
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Discover the Road to Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind without any limitations. Sometimes you can think you are feeling happy… and then suddenly a small setback can make you feel sad for a moment or even forever. Courage is all you need to stay in the happy realm! Just say “I can and I will!” Changing your perception and attitude will aid your mind in accepting this as reality. After all, your mind believes what it usually hears. Make some positive changes and discover an abundance of happiness with the help of the following tips!


  • Explore your inner peace: Even though life offers many good opportunities, sometimes you can get confused and even pass up some amazing chances. Come to think of it, if you have accomplished many things so far, but you still feel that something is missing, it could be that special inner balance and happiness you are lacking that money can’t buy.
  • Take time to pray and thank God: Faith is essential for a peaceful mind. Meditation also helps bring in calmness and serenity. Learn from your teacher and keep on smiling as life is simple and full of happiness!
  • Open your eyes to beauty and nature: Nature and beauty are two things that can give you tranquility and glee. Look after and value both of them if you are searching for the truth.
  • Be willing to help yourself: You need to help yourself all the way through! Take small steps and work on your goals, whether they are family-related, work-related, or personally motivated.  
  • Find your passion: When passion calls you, do you feel your heart beating so fast that it actually skips a beat? That is true passion full of joy and in its true place. No matter what you love to do - whether related to fashion, sports, making movies, music, or business - go for it!
  • Create your own opportunities: People who wish for things to happen, but don't act in reality, miss all the good parts of life. If you spend most of your time wishing, thinking, and questioning things, you will not accomplish your dreams. Make your dreams a reality.  


Have you ever heard of the Be Happy Index (BHI)? This is a test used during something called the Be Happy 8-week Program by Dr. Robert Holden. This is a program that has been notably tested by independent scientists for the BBC documentary How to Be Happy. Scientists viewed the program as “a genuine fast track to happiness that not only changes the way you feel, but also changes the way your brain functions.” Do check it out!


Take the following self-happiness test to measure your state of mind.



Add 1 point if not true

Add 5 points if sometimes true

Add 10 points if always true


  1. Self-awareness: I know who I am and I love myself.
  2. Relationships & Dating: My most important relationships get the most of my attention.
  3. Career: I have a strong sense of purpose for my work. I know where I’m heading.
  4. Attitude: I choose my approach/attitude most of the time.
  5. Appreciation: I am grateful for my life as it happens.
  6. Forgiveness: I can let go of past disappointments and rages.
  7. Humor: Having fun is what I do.
  8. Health: I love my body as it is and take care of my well-being.
  9. Spirituality: I know what gives me strength, inspires me, and supports me every single day.
  10. Travel: I consider happiness as a way of traveling.

Results: If you scored anything between:


0 >25: You need to work on all areas of your life; happiness is definitely lacking. Take the time to evaluate your life wheel (family, career, recreation, fun, finance, romance, friends, self-development) and ask yourself: how can I change each part in a positive approach.


26>55: It’s all about the call. Sometimes, joy calls upon you and you reply instantly… but sometimes you ignore one of the best feelings ever and miss out on opportunities. Wait for the perfect call!


56>100: You are the happiest person on earth. You feel that your mind is at its best. You take things calmly and seek to find solutions to everyday problems. One piece of advice: spread the word as happiness is contagious.



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