Bring Out the Beauty in YOU!

Thursday, February 05, 2015
Interview with Beauty Expert Mayssoun Hilal
Bring Out the Beauty in YOU!
Bring Out the Beauty in YOU!

“To be in love with your art is the pure art of love, but when the piece of art we are working on is the woman, with all the gifts given to her by God and enriched by us, the result cannot be but only “one of a kind” for each and every lady, for we simply trigger beauty from the inside to shine all around outside.”Mayssoun Hilal

Mayssoun Hilal is the owner of Mayssoun Hilal Beauty Center - Makeup & Hair Design in Al Raousheh. With a diploma in Theater Arts, she has done plenty in the performing arts field in regards to makeup and hair, re-looking, and creating characters for on-stage and on-screen performances. You may know her for her Radio Orient program "MY TOUCH" on 88.7 FM; she is also a regular guest on many television programs.


Mayssoun’s background with character creation reflects the way in which she works with her clients on a personal level. She has worked with many personalities such as Joe Ashkar, Issa Ghandour, Joanna Mallah, and Dominique Hourani. Having the ability and talent to create new looks with both hair and makeup, she can transform anyone into a character… or simply into a better version of themselves! Mayssoun offered Fit’n Style some of her tips and advice regarding makeup application.


What would you say is the biggest mistake women make when it comes to makeup application?

There are quite a few actually! One of the most common errors I notice is wearing too much powder on the face which only settles into fine lines and wrinkles. The best piece of advice for this would be simply to take a tissue once you have applied your chosen facial power and gently sweep off the excess. Wearing too much of anything is never recommended.


Eyebrows…. What are some of the must have tools for keeping them looking their best?

Eyebrows are definitely a very important part of a woman’s face; it’s all about symmetry in the end. Tattooed eyebrows are always an option; I do them myself here at the institute. However, it is extremely important to be knowledgeable in technique and to use up-to-date products that will not change color over time. Retouching is always necessary as well; maintenance is important. Of course an eyebrow pencil or powder and a brush are must-have tools for those who don’t opt for tattooing. The shape of the eyebrow has to be taken into consideration since a strong or harsh brow will make a woman look stern.


Spring is on the way. What are some must-have items for the season ahead?

A nude lip is still the trend for the upcoming season; it is a subtle and fresh touch to a clean makeup look. If the nude tones do not suit you, or you are looking for a bit more drama, a Bordeaux lip is still a sophisticated and flattering way to go.


Should day and night makeup always differ?

Yes, for sure. Women should try to keep it clean and fresh in the daytime. If you have kept your skin in good condition - that is, kept dark spots and uneven pigmentation under control with facials and skin treatments - it is great if you can go without a full face of foundation in the daytime. Some concealer under the eyes, some great mascara on a natural looking set of false eyelashes, and some gloss would be perfect. Save the heavier makeup looks for nighttime wear. I would recommend for women to work on the condition of their skin now at this time of the year so that it is fresh and healthy looking for the warm months ahead.


So are false eyelashes still in fashion?

Yes, definitely. It’s amazing how great lashes can set your entire look. It can really tie up your makeup style and open up your eyes. They are even fabulous for daytime wear, allowing you to simply apply some mascara for a simple but flattering appeal.


What eyeshadow hues would you recommend for women with different eye colors?

While seasonal trends come and go, it is always advised to wear what looks good on you and suits your overall look. Every face is unique in its own special way, and each woman has her own taste and style. While some may prefer a more natural look, others will always go for a more dramatic look. It’s all about applying it in the correct manner to flatter your face.


Do you recommend using a primer on the face before makeup application?

A primer is great when used with your foundation for a radiant and overall appeal. I prefer to save its usage for evening wear or special occasions. Some women use it every single day and then get so used to it that they cannot go without it.


Can you offer our readers any useful beauty tips?

A great tip is to use your lip contour on your bottom lip to make your pout look fuller. Apply it to the upper lip with precision along the lip line for a clean look and then go just past the lip line on the bottom lip to create a fuller, poutier lip and a very appealing look. Facebook page: MayssounHilal