Love Yourself More

Sunday, April 26, 2015
Love Yourself More
Love Yourself More

Many times, you manage to compliment other people on their looks, their work, and other things that they own. But have you ever thought of praising your own self? Studies show that a couple of compliments said to yourself in the morning daily can really boost your confidence and make your day brighter.


Here are some positive affirmations to repeat every day, collected from Stay Positive in Lebanon by Nancy Dheeresha Abdo, a Certified Change & Life Coach.


  • I value my eyes. I see the beauty in everything in me and around me.
  • I am willing to treat myself lovingly. I deserve it!
  • Every little cell of my body is healthy. Everything little cell of my body is well.
  • I am focused, healthy, and full of positive energy.
  • I value my heart. I value my body.
  • With ease, I let go of all what I don’t need any more.
  • My life is in Divine order.
  • All my steps are easy to make.
  • I am grateful for what I have.
  • Life loves me and I love LIFE.
  • I open my heart and sing the joys of life.



Take the following self-love quiz to find out if you have a healthy relationship with your own self!



Add 1 point if not true

Add 5 points if sometimes true

Add 10 points if always true


  1. I usually laugh at myself when I have made a ridiculous slip-up.
  2. When I feel down, I set aside time to care and foster myself back to welfare.
  3. I view life as a constant learning procedure.
  4. I accept my weaknesses and I choose to forgive myself.
  5. I can set clear personal boundaries.
  6. In my to-do plan, I rank self-care activities as the most important.
  7. When I feel pressured, I spend time working through my beliefs and feelings.
  8. I am comfortable enjoying my own company and being on my own.
  9. When I need to make my mind up, I tune into my heart to check what my actual desires are.
  10. When I look in the mirror, I tend to feel good about myself and smile all the time.


Results: If you scored anything between:

0-25: Learning how to love yourself is a MUST dear friend since if you don’t love yourself, you won’t be able to love others. Try to practice the self-love tips given within this article and see how your view towards life will greatly change.

26-55: Even if you sometimes feel that you are unloved, you have your own company which you value and appreciate. You have time to nurture “YOU” and this gives you balance in life.
56-100: Congratulations. Your love for your own self is unconditional. You are a person who forgives and loves freely. Keep up the love attitude and take it with you through your lifetime. 

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