The Science Behind Your Likes and Shares

Friday, April 17, 2015
The Science Behind Your Likes and Shares

With the rise of social media trends, nowadays we notice the popularity of liking, sharing, and commenting on various social media platforms. We see the “love” button particularly on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.


The concept of love has made even the virtual world seem true and sincere. People generally choose to like, favorite, or pin photos, videos, and statuses that they like without prior extensive thinking. Why? First of all, it’s human nature to love and convey love, even on cyberspace. Second, when we see beautiful things, we automatically get emotional and expressive!


What’s the science behind what people love to share on social media? Why do they love using social media to share the love?


What people like to share on social media:

  • 43% of people on social networks share photos
  • 26% publish status updates of what and how they are doing, as well as opinions
  • 26% share links to articles
  • 25% post personal recommendations of things they like
  • 21% share links to other websites or other people’s posts
  • 19% post status updates of what they are feeling
  • 17% share videos from YouTube
  • 9% post plans for future trips, activities, and updates


Why do people share content on their social media pages?


  • Majority of people (84%) share information because it is a way to support causes or issues they care about
  • 78% usually post content because they will be able to stay connected with people
  • 73% share different posts because it helps them connect with others who share the same interests
  • 68% use social media to give people a better sense of who they are and what they care about
  • 69% share information online since it allows them to feel more involved with today’s world
  • 49% of the people share information about products they like with the hope of changing opinions or encouraging action in a certain way


Kissmetrics, a blog about analytics, marketing, and testing, revealed the types of content that people like to share the most on social media!


  • Quizzes are considered the most engaging type of content on Facebook
  • Popular topics on Twitter include sports, science, entrepreneurship, psychology, success, technology, travel, marketing, climate change, and health
  • LinkedIn members love self-improvement articles that are practical
  • Food content and recipes are the #1 most pinned with Pinterest users. However, there are other types of content popular categories on Pinterest such as DIY, wedding, art, beauty, fashion, home décor, kids, gardening, and inspirational content


What do you love to share on social media? Share your answers below!


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