Snail Cream for Beautiful Skin?

Monday, March 02, 2015
Snail Cream for Beautiful Skin?

Just when we thought caviar and snake venom were pushing the limits in the skin care realm, we hear about some crazy new concoctions in the headlines. Snail creams – yes, that’s cream made with the slime of snails – have become very popular in Asia and even in some European countries. While the North American market is slow as a snail to get on this latest beauty track, others around the world are claiming their skin health is thriving. With claims of a better complexion, improved acne scars, and smaller looking pores, all these women must be on to something. Rumor has it you can even have a facial with actual snails crawling across your skin in a quest for beautiful skin. Yuck!


The first snail cream was developed in Chile in 1995. What started off as a food business venture turned into something quite different than initially planned. When cuts on the hands of family members running the business healed rapidly after being exposed to snail slime, they decided to do some research. Their snail cream products have been successful ever since. So what is it that makes snail slime so valuable? It all goes back to the elements of allantoin, collagen, elastin, and glycolic acid. Nature at its best!

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