Dior Hydra Life

Wednesday, March 04, 2015
The instant thrill of a new hydration
Dior Hydra Life

What do a party-hopping 30 year-old, a sleep-deprived young mother, and a lady CEO with constant jet lag have in common? Chronic fatigue. More than one woman in two says this phenomenon concerns her.   


It is the new ailment of the century. Life in the fast lane, personal demands and professional responsibilities, nights cut short….  More and more studies are establishing a link between our lifestyle and our skin. Behind tired lines lies a physiological reality: dehydration. When the organism is exhausted, the skin barrier is altered. Skin is weakened and uncomfortable, visibly losing its plumpness and glow. 


What the skin really needs is concentrated active hydration. Dior reveals the new generation Hydra Life Sorbet. For the first time at Dior, this ultra-high-performance skincare duo irrigates the cells from the inside and wakes up their vital functions.   


Thanks to its unique cocktail of active ingredients from the Dior Gardens, Hydra Life Pro-Youth Hydration Serum Sorbet and Hydra Life Pro-Youth Creme Sorbet simultaneously activate the networks of the three aquaporins – the skin’s hydration channels – present in every level of the epidermis. Literally plumped with water and revitalized, over-solicited skin perks back to life, instantly and long term. Signs of fatigue fade away, the complexion brightens, light burst back to life.