Making Protection Sexier

Friday, June 03, 2016
Making Protection Sexier

They draw closer, they touch, and before they know it, they are on top of each other. The temperature rises, the embrace tightens, the dress comes off, the zipper is pulled down … they are about to hit the nail right on the head … but where’s the friggen condom? They might  find it in some drawer, which by then, the sexual passion could be long gone. Dear readers, if you wish to avoid such a terrible scenario... take note and remember that with a little tact and knowledge, you can shake the sheets and feel completely carefree.


Put the Subject On the Table

Since sex cannot be 100% safe due to the risky exposure to body fluids and skin-to-skin contact, it is highly important for partners to assess their levels of risk, open up, and carry out a mandatory conversation. Discussing the use of protection before sex removes discomfiture and anxiety, which leaves more room for uninterrupted fun. Talk about how to put barriers on right and use them in ways that feel good. Imagine together how you can try something new and find greater sexual satisfaction. Discussing the issue makes it easier to get creative and frisky. Promoting an assertive, responsible, educated, and bright character when it comes to sex puts you under the most flattering light and grants you a compelling sexual appeal.


Customize Your Pleasure Kit

Think of it as a treasure box that you both share when the doors close that expands with every new experience. Keep in mind that every pleasure kit has to have a naughty assortment of latex and ointment.


Condoms: Lubricated, flavored, easy-roll, extra-thin, and ribbed... they are the most user-friendly barriers.    

A c-ring: Make it a consolation prize for him wearing a condom. The ring’s vibrations offer extra pleasure.

Dental dam/cling film barrier: For rimming, going down on a woman, or engaging in oral-anal contact...this is a must have.

Gloves: Great for fingering and hand jobs; they come in many colors, much more fun than the typical medical white gloves.

Water-based lube: Prevents barrier breakage and skin damage making it less likely to spread or catch an infection.     

Work the Anticipation to the Fullest

Start by shopping together for novelties with tempting colors, flavors, and textures. Keeping them handy can be turned into a game! Why not leave the barrier of choice lying on a pillow, stash it in a purse with a note on it, or wrap it in an undergarment and slip it next to the driver’s seat? To send a naughty invite, play with the barrier when your lover is watching you unroll it, unfold it, smell it, taste it…. Kiss, stroke, talk naughty, and do a little frottage, then slide it on as soon as there is a partial or full erection.


Doing It Solo Is Not Your Only Option

The best part about a romantic partnership is that you get to do it together. Here are some tricks that will thrill you under the sheets and put you in the mood for wearing latex.


Condom: If he is reluctant to put one on, offer to do it for him, and add your own special touch. Try dabbing some edible gel onto the condom, licking it off and putting it on while stimulating the genitals... or why not roll it on with your mouth?

Vaginal sheath: Have your man wear some gloves, preheat some lubricant, borrow a stethoscope, and play doctor.

Dental dams: Suck, snap, and nibble on them to create different sensations (not the cling wrap though).

After play: Penile vitamin creams protect men and their partners from adverse genital related problems.


Unless you stick to a strict diet of abstinence, fantasy, mutual masturbation, or unexposed monogamous relationships, safer sex is the only way to experiment with your own sexuality while scoring, at the same time, your wettest, hottest, most memorable STD/HIV and pregnancy free orgasms. Erotizing the use of the various barriers flooding the market is a first step, and it takes mutual effort to make it happen… to experience the wholesome yet cheeky fun of safe, sound, sexy lovemaking. Maintaining a constant communion on all levels is the glue that keeps you feeling supported, appreciated, and willing to be as sexy as you can be. No glove, no love is a clever equation.