Know Your Cheese Please!

Wednesday, March 04, 2015
Know Your Cheese Please!

Is there any difference between parmigiano reggiano and good old parmesan? You bet there is! Parmigiano reggiano is the almighty cheese of the two. Perking up any old and boring dish with a quick little grate or shred of it, parmigiano reggiano is saltier, more expensive, and absolutely flavorful. While many people think the two are interchangeable, we are here to tell you that they actually aren’t - that is - if you are in search of top quality and flavor.

Parmigiano reggiano is made by following a specific cheese-making process in a certain region of Northern Italy. Cheese can only be called parmigiano reggiano if it’s produced by set standards in this area – and this is actually set by law! The proof will always be visible on the rind.