Makeup can make you or break you!

Monday, May 04, 2015
Makeup can make you or break you!

How about we all vow to make some makeup resolutions this year? Let’s promise to honor our beauty and only use makeup products in the correct manner! You can purchase the best products on the market today… and still look a mess if you don’t know how to use them effectively! Do your beauty research dear beauty fanatics!

Are you over doing it with the bronzer?

When it comes to bronzer, you may think it’s all about the golden glow, and while that may be somewhat true, using poor quality products can make you look like an orange mess. Opt for a high quality bronzer that will make you look fresh and golden the natural way.


Do you apply foundation with your fingertips?

While many of you may have mastered foundation application with your fingertips, most of you are looking like a colorful mess. Investing in a large fiber brush specifically for foundation application will allow for proper coverage, minus the streaks.


Do you blend your eyeshadow with the same old brush?

Looking to achieve a gorgeous smoky eye look? Then invest in the proper tools! Blend away with the hues of your choice - always opting for a high quality brand – and using a clean, fluffy brush. Blend away with a swiping motion.


Do you try to match your eyebrow hue to your hair color?
If your goal is to achieve a natural look overall, you should know that eyebrows are meant to be a different shade than your hair color. So remember… when picking your brow pencil, choose a shade one or two shades darker if you have light hair. For dark hair, it works the other way around.


Do you still wear the same old matte lipstick you have been using for years?

Get with the program! There are amazing options in the lipstick and gloss realm nowadays!  Spread your horizons and try one of the latest glosses on the market. Mix and match… and try new things.


Do you know the difference between concealer and light-reflectors?

While many of us love a light-reflecting pen for boosting our skin's glow, when it comes to coverage, you need a different kind of concealing product. Pens are usually ideal for highlighting or brightening up your skin, but if you use them on a blemish, you'll just draw attention to your defects!