Are You Living With a Sex Addict?

Monday, December 05, 2016
Are You Living With a Sex Addict?

Has it ever crossed your mind that you or your partner could have sexual addiction issues? Having an energetic libido can be completely normal; however, when it interferes in other areas of everyday life, there could be a serious problem at hand. Here are some telltale signs that you might be a sex addict:


  1. You realize that sex is the dominating force in your life.
  2. You seem to care more about the act than the person you are doing it with.
  3. You find yourself masturbating often.
  4. You love phone sex, computer sex, porn, and exhibitionism.
  5. You find it difficult to think about anything else.
  6. You crave multiple sexual partners and cheat without hesitating.


So when is it time for some sexual addiction counseling? If you or your partner is sexually addicted, counseling is most definitely needed as soon as possible. Couples need to seek help together and support one another. The partner of a sex addict has an extremely difficult situation at hand; they are often a part of the addiction itself. It is very important to speak up, express feelings, and remain safe both physically and emotionally. Do not hesitate to get the necessary help.


And don’t forget, when it comes to any kind of addiction, the addict will not face their issue until they realize they may lose what is most valuable to them. Being strong and sticking to your principles might help in initiating change for the sex addict in front of you…