MEN'S WORLD Exhibition

Monday, April 20, 2015
May 21st - 24th, 2015 at La Marina Joseph Khoury- Dbayeh
MEN'S WORLD Exhibition
MEN'S WORLD Exhibition

It is a universal truth that the best way to understand a man is to think like a man. Men have their own mindset, needs, interests, and aspirations, not to mention dreams. In a nutshell, men have their own world. Stemming from that belief, FEW, a newcomer in the event management arena, decided to dedicate an entire exhibition for men. Whether they are seeking simple apparel or aiming for a tad of sophistication, men can find it all at MEN'S WORLD Exhibition.  Stretching over 3,500 sq.m. in the heart of La Marina Joseph Khoury Dbayeh, MEN'S WORLD Exhibition is the venue where men can explore a fascinating array of clothing, sports gear, high-tech equipment, cars, boats, and so much more, all within a laid-back, yet fun atmosphere.


The Company

Organized under patronage of the Ministry of Tourism and in partnership with SGBL bank, MEN'S WORLD Exhibition is the brainchild of FEW, an event management company run by a passionate team of media specialists. “We started FEW because we had great ideas for events with an innovative twist and we felt, with our media, advertising, sales and event management background and expertise in the field, we can make them happen,” states Lina Haj, FEW Managing Director. Indeed, the FEW team brings more than 15 years of experience to the event planning scene. They are dedicated, creative, and zealous about bringing forth events that are not just flawless, but memorable.  From conception to execution, they work on the clock to make sure that any event will be forever imprinted in people’s minds.


The Concept

Inspired by international exhibitions with a similar theme, namely Le Salon de L’Homme in France and Big Boys’ Toys in the UAE, MEN'S WORLD Exhibition will take the Lebanese scene by storm with its unique concept and definitely spectacular venue. “MEN'S WORLD Exhibition is a new concept in Lebanon. We have seen exhibitions solely for boats or cars but today we are bringing together 150 exhibitors from various sectors under one umbrella,” explains Joelle Ghannam, one of FEW partners. Young and old will find in MEN'S WORLD Exhibition anything from clothes to sports apparel all the way to boats and luxury items. A VIP lounge is also made available to make sure that guests receive preferential treatment. But this is not all; entertainment galore awaits all visitors, including live bands, bike parades, and daily shows.


The Venue


Needless to say, La Marina Dbayeh is renowned for its mesmerizing setting with the beautiful Mediterranean on one side and the long-stretched coast on the other. Brigitte Khoury, FEW Managing Partner, emphasizes, “From the onset, La Marina was our number one choice for this exhibition because we wanted an outdoor venue that has the charm of La Marina and the facilities to host an exhibition of this scale.” La Marina is also sought after for its glamorous ambiance where comfort blends with sophistication. For years, La Marina has become synonymous with top-notch events, including exhibitions, fashion shows, and concerts. Today, La Marina Dbayeh will be hosting yet another unique exhibition that is expected to attract more than 25,000 visitors from Lebanon and the region to come and discover a “MEN'S WORLD.”


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