Roula Hamadeh

Friday, May 08, 2015
An Actress, a Mother, a Woman of Substance
Roula Hamadeh
Roula Hamadeh

When we reflect upon the list of top notch actresses in Lebanon today, a few special faces come to mind. Roula Hamadeh is one such artist that has not only talent, but substance and staying power. Far from being a novice within the field of acting, she is a woman that lives a multifaceted life. From being a full time mother, to working hard at her trade, she is one celebrity that likes to nail it right on the head when it comes to her goals. Outspoken, determined, and blunt, she opened up about her life as an actress and a mother with Fit’n Style Magazine.

Have you always dreamed of becoming an actress? How do you think being an actress has influenced you and your life?

Not once did it ever cross my mind to become an actress… maybe it was a way to fill up the sense of loneliness I felt as a child. Nowadays, the younger generation is exposed to the online world, and this seems to fulfill them on many levels… it offers them knowledge as well as other things. Maybe because I am such a sensitive person, this field was the only one that suited me. In acting, your emotions are utilized in such a way that they are like fireworks… taking off in so many directions, and used from one extreme to another. At the same time, you must focus on the subject in question and remain stable.


I understand that you lived in Canada for a period of time. How would you compare living abroad to living in Lebanon? What are your dreams for Lebanon?

Every country has its flavor, and I learned many things from living in Canada that Lebanon did not teach me. However, not for a single moment did my deep attachment for Lebanon ever change. My dream for Lebanon is for its citizens to live with the rights they deserve so that are able to secure solid futures for their children; this way we could have a real country.


You are a passionate mother who is very active within your community. Where does this sense to help others come from?

Motherhood is like being an immigrant; you feel like you are in an entire new world that is strange and unique, a place you never knew even existed. Motherhood opened my eyes to many things I never knew or thought about. Getting involved in the society and trying to help others is something special that derived from my family background. When I was growing up, my mother and my grandmother had a huge role in stressing the importance of helping others and in working to maintain human pride and dignity.


What are your dreams for your loved ones? How would you describe motherhood?

The world of motherhood gives and takes from you on many levels day after day. Regarding my dreams for those I love, I wish for them happiness in their lives and the blessing to be able to remain by each other’s side.


How would you rate Lebanese television and cinema nowadays? How can you compare the talent of the current day actor/actress to stars from the past?

The world is evolving and so are the artists. People are changing and so are their tastes…. There are two types of audiences: one that is very difficult and demanding (this is the group I like) and the other that is very simple and basically accepts everything in front of them. However, every hill has its valley… and I hope the slope reaches an end. We have artists with very good talent out there… and we have others that don’t even come close and it’s a shame for them to be on the screen. It is not an easy task to prove you have talent.


Are you a spiritual person and how so? How do you manage to maintain a sense of balance within your life?

Living in the craziness of the Middle East… and you think it’s actually possible to find what you call balance? Even if you try to find balance, you discover in a moment that nothing is working…. We are people going against any sense of balance. Of course I have my own personal spiritual journey which I started several years ago inside of me, but I can’t say that I have found true balance. I can say, however, that I am in the process of searching for it.


Besides acting, do you have any other aspirations you would like to share with us?

Normally, I do not try to open new doors for myself.


We are thrilled to know you are a physically active individual! How important is exercise to you and what do you love to do to stay physically fit?

Exercising is very important for the physical body and for the mind psychologically. When you work out, you release pent up stress and become more optimistic, leading you to live a better life. Walking is very important for me, combined with strength training to maintain muscle mass and to avoid flabbiness.


Do you have any plans for the near future you can share with us?

Yes, I hope to be working on a new program early this year which you will hear about soon.


Your presence is felt within the social media realm. Are you involved because you truly enjoy it, or do you feel it an obligation as a celebrity?

I would have to say a little bit of both. I feel it is necessary to be connected with others on social media, but there has to be a limit, otherwise you could easily spend all of your time in front of a screen rather than getting out there and enjoying life.

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