10 Healthy Living Tips from Jamie Oliver

Saturday, May 02, 2015
10 Healthy Living Tips from Jamie Oliver

One of our favorite celebrity chefs of all time gets it right on the bull’s-eye! When it comes to healthy living and healthy eating, there are some concepts to keep in mind to stay on the winning track. Here are his top 10 tips:


1. Cook from scratch: When you learn to cook your own meals, you become the captain of your ship. Cooking allows you to control all that goes into your meals, and into your mouth.


2. Eat a balanced diet: Balance is the key to life in every respect. Learn to maintain a balanced diet and reap the benefits mentally and physically.


3. Eat the rainbow: When you eat a variety of colorful foods, you can guarantee a fantastic supply of valuable vitamins and nutrients.


4. Understand what you're eating: Know what you are putting into your body; read up on different foods and know how they affect your health.


5. Eat nutritious calories: Not all calories are equal; focus on consuming good quality and nutritious foods in order to avoid empty calories.


6. Don't skip breakfast: Kick-start your metabolism with a well-rounded first meal of the day, every day!


7. Read the small print: Reading labels keeps you in the loop. Learn the lingo and manage your food.


8. Drink more water: Water is your daily savior, providing you with an essential component of life. Avoid sugary drinks that will do nothing for you.


9. Keep active: Move, move, move… every single day. Make it your lifestyle.


10. Sleep well: A good night’s sleep will do your health wonders. Improve all levels of your being with this important habit.

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