5 Habits of Very Happy Moms

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
5 Habits of Very Happy Moms

Moms are expected to be a jack of all trades… be the perfect wife, raise superstar kids, make a good salary, look great, keep the house clean and tidy…. The labels are there, but to what extent does perfection brings happiness to humble mothers? We reveal 5 impactful habits of very happy moms:


  1. Being financially independent is essential for mothers who love to explore life’s possibilities. Even though they care for their family and kids, they always have time for themselves when it comes to pampering, following their passion, and staying healthy and fit.
  2. Friendship is considered another important factor for happiness. Moms enjoy making connections with neighbors and friends. Why? Mothers love to help and support not only their families, but their friends’ families as well!
  3. Even though moms are famous for being multitaskers, they prefer to focus on one thing at a time, especially when it comes to taking care of the kids. Therefore, what gives them joy is taking the time to focus and putting their hearts into something.
  4. Mothers feel the happiest in their parenting years as they have different types of love in their lives: a husband’s love, which is out of this world; a child’s love, which is genuine; a parent’s love that is unconditional!
  5. Some consider motherhood as the end of excitement and fun. For happy moms, life has just begun! Married couples can do plenty of amazing things with each other; the options are endless.


In the quiz below, you will discover if you’re happy and satisfied in your life.



Add 1 point if not true

Add 5 points if sometimes true

Add 10 points if always true


  1. I have time for the gym. I indulge my body with a daily fitness routine.
  2. I want to live up to parenting ideals and do everything right all the time.
  3. I once bought myself a bouquet of flowers just to show how much I love my own self.
  4. I compare and compete with other mothers during a school reunion.
  5. I’m not afraid to ask for help from family and friends. 
  6. I cuddle my family every time I get the chance. I consider hugging important.
  7. I wake up every day and tell my husband and kids how much they mean to me.
  8. Saying “I love you” is my way to express love and my “actions” are my way to show love.
  9. When I’m happy, everyone is happy!
  10. My kids love to see me smile, so I smile every time I see them.

Results: If you scored anything between:


0>25: Motherhood is the most beautiful stage in life. Let go of the stress and pressure at home and just be yourself! Always listen to your heart and make it speak.

26>55: Even though you have some highs and lows in the parenting process, your life overall is full of joy and happiness. You have most of the habits of a happy mama!

56>100: You are a wonderful mom, a caring wife, and a charming person indeed. You know that being a mother is the best thing that could ever happen to you so far. Cheers to your happiness!

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