Are You a Pre-Crastinator?

Monday, May 11, 2015
Are You a Pre-Crastinator?

We are all definitely guilty of procrastinating at one time or another. But did you know that it may not be so great to be a pre-crastinator either? Yes, this is a new term coined for those people who rush to get tasks done so they can cross them off of their ‘things to do list’ in their minds – even if it means wasting their time.


Good or bad? You be the judge of that. While the pre-crastinator gets tasks done in a flash, they may be missing out on the present moment of life because their mind is always thinking ahead. Do you recognize yourself in the following statements?


  • You would rather get something unpleasant out of the way in order to just get it done.
  • You always, always plan ahead – even if it means into the distant future.
  • It’s never too soon to get a task done; you would rather do something immediately to get it off of your mind.
  • You find it difficult to give a task to another person without getting involved in its completion.


If you can categorize yourself as a pre-crastinator – then just keep in mind that you need to stop and smell the flowers every now and then. Thinking too far ahead all of the time can be aging, so try to find a happy-medium.

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