5 Ways That Being Single Affects Your Health

Monday, May 18, 2015
5 Ways That Being Single Affects Your Health

So the question is: How does being single affect a person’s overall health status? Or does it? With images of men and women putting on the kilos after saying ‘I do’ – let’s take a look at our singleton crowd to see how their lifestyle affects their health – for better or for worse?


1. You are less likely to put on the kilos!

Ha! While this is not carved in stone, many studies have shown that married couples tend to put on extra weight after a few years. So all of you single people are already ahead of the married couples.


2. You probably dedicate more time to exercising!

This is another great reason to stay single! Our single friends have more time to go to the gym. They can stick to a fantastic workout routine without the same interruptions married friends might have. In fact, most married people do not meet the recommended amount of weekly physical activity.


3. You have more buddies.

Having more friends equates to more good times… which could lead to a better feeling of overall wellbeing. Single people are usually better at maintaining long standing friendships as well and have the time to nourish them as needed.


4. You stress less about daily tasks.

Yes, you are living the good life single friends… there is no pressure to do certain chores. You run the show which makes you feel so damn good.


5. Your heart health may be at risk though…

According to a recent study, single adults are 5% more likely to experience heart disease compared to their married friends. Did you know that Amal Alamuddin quit smoking when she started dating George Clooney? Sometimes it’s that partner in crime that can boost your healthy ways.