More Secrets To Cutting Down On Sugar

Sunday, May 03, 2015
More Secrets To Cutting Down On Sugar

That sugar habit of yours needs to take a beating; however, the best bet is to not go cold turkey overnight. To maintain a healthy diet that is low in sugar takes time, patience, and an overall lifestyle change that should be a permanent one. So where should you begin? At the beginning!!


Here are some tips to help you kick that nasty sugar habit:

1. Try to satisfy your sweet cravings with natural goodness. Opt for sweet fruit and enjoy it. Learn to appreciate the natural goodness in whole foods.


2. Don’t believe that artificial sweeteners are your allies. Your system needs to cut down on the need for satisfying your sweet tooth – whether it’s the real stuff or not.


3. Read labels! Yes, you would think this point was a no-brainer by now, but how many people actually do it? Just when you thought your breakfast cereal or snack bar was healthy… reading the label might prove otherwise.


4. Drink plenty of water to help curb sugar cravings…. Take that look off of your face, it does actually work!


5. Go shopping for healthy snacks that will be readily available when you get the munchies so you don’t reach for that candy bar or piece of chocolate.