Build Your Golden Asset

Monday, May 25, 2015

Did you know that you carry a valuable asset around with you daily? Your butt is not just something you sit on, it also expresses who you are; it is you! It holds the gene code of your health, vitality, and fertility. Research has shown that the roundness of the buttocks indicates the tendency of a woman’s body to produce estrogens (female sexual hormones), which reflects sexual maturity and fertility. Muscular butts are also a sign of high levels of testosterone, which indicates male fertility and muscular development.


Actually, there is more than just health and fertility reflected in your butt! The entire world seems to use the butt word in so many ways. For example, when you are about to play a game, what does your coach slap? Your butt! When you are mad, what do you say? Get your butt out of here! When you see something astonishing, you might say… that is a nice ass car! Everything in life is seems to be oriented around the BUTT; however we often overlook the importance of that.


Looking to build your golden ASSet? You have come to the right place because we present to you this fabulous workout for a great butt!

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