A Star’s Style

Monday, May 04, 2015
A Star’s Style

Natalie Portman, probably the most famous Natalie ever, is one of the most looked-up to Hollywood stars nowadays; no wonder she’s been chosen several times to be the face of exquisite Dior cosmetics, from Dior New Look Mascara and Miss Cherie perfume, to the New Nude Foundation, and of course her latest project... Rouge Dior.    


Natalie Portman: The new face of Rouge Dior

Natalie Portman, Dior’s heroine, embodies the face of Dior beauty with her characteristic intensity. Natalie personally selected Rouge Dior Nude in Grège, which bears the number 169 in a tender reference to the birth dates of her family. Today, Natalie embodies the absolute femininity of Rouge Dior 999, a flamboyant and legendary shade.


Every woman has her signature color. Rouge Dior is now available in 32 essential and perfectly balanced shades. From perfect pigment dosage to exact intensity adjustments, each shade is universal, capable of flattering every skin tone. There is no room for error. Divided into four color families (reds, pinks, beiges and corals), these original shades share the ideal of absolute elegance without fail... which Natalie reveals so wonderfully through her unmistakable features and knowledge of how to look beautiful every time.


Look More like Natalie

The actress looks stunning in the new Dior campaign, and her look would be absolutely gorgeous during the fall windy season. Before you refer to makeup products that help you adopt Natalie’s style, you must know that it all starts with confidence. If you take a deep look at the star, you can actually see how her eyes reflect self-assurance... and her lips reflect courage.


Natalie’s face appears to be utterly glowing, so start off with a clarifying foundation that highlights your complexion. Dab a touch of pink blush on your cheeks and your forehead. As for the eyes, keep them confident and simple with earthly tones that definitely belong to the autumn season. Tweeze your eyebrows and fill in the spaces between the hairs. When you’re done with all this, your lips come into the picture. Choose lip liner and lipstick from Rouge Dior collection number 999. Line your lips and fill in the color with the lip liner, and then add the lipstick color using a brush.