The Serum Era

Thursday, May 28, 2015
The Serum Era

Facial serums. They are everywhere on the shelves, all the high end brands seem to have them, and they combat an array of issues. Should you be using a facial serum dear beauty fan, or is it just a money making scheme? Serums should most definitely be a part of your beauty repertoire, and for good reason. It’s quite simple; healthy looking skin needs to be your number one priority. Everything else you place on top of it will be the icing on the cake!


What exactly is a serum?

Most serums are water-based concoctions that are comprised of smaller amounts of thickening agents than their allies, creams and lotions. Serums in general exclude oils overall; instead they contain a high concentration of active ingredients to serve your skin’s beauty needs. Several beauty experts agree that a serum is a must-have product to have on your beauty shelf. They contain all the necessary elements and ingredients your skin needs to look its best, without being too heavy, especially for those with oily skin types. Bottom line: everyone needs a great serum on hand.

What magical ingredients pave the way?

From anti-oxidants to peptides and skin brighteners, your skin will scream “thank you” once you get into the habit of using a serum on a regular basis. The anti-aging elements in high quality serums work tremendously with your other skincare products for an overall supreme skincare regimen.

Are they worth the investment?

Absolutely! The tiny little bottle they usual come in withholds powerful concentrated elements that will last for quite some time. With a small drop on your skin, usually applied with the help of a dropper type of apparatus, your skin will absorb the product deeply, as opposed to settling on the surface of your skin. While serums may seem like a costly investment at times, it is 100% worth the splurge.


You have your serum in hand…. Now what do you do?

1. A little dab will do! Once you have thoroughly cleansed your skin with your choice of cleansing agent, drop out a small amount of serum onto your skin and pat it gently for effective absorption. Never rub it into your skin.


2. Apply your favorite serum before your day or night cream for perfect results.


3. Depending on your skin type, you may opt to use your serum only in the morning or only at night. Consult your local beauty representative for advice suitable for your skin type.