Masculine Vanity

Friday, May 15, 2015
Masculine Vanity

Who ever said that a man shouldn’t take care of his good looks, his God given epidermis, and his glorious head of hair? There’s nothing wrong with a little masculine vanity, is there? Now if you are looking to give your man a boost in the beauty department, we are here to offer you some tips to pass along to him. Leave this article out for him to skim over… you never know, he may need the mirror much longer than you do in the morning before long! Now before he dips his big old fingertips into your expensive beauty jars, increase his knowledge on some beauty advice and products that will serve his vanity just fine!

From scrubs to shaving gels, day creams to masks, there are plenty of products out there – some specifically geared to men and others that are great for both sexes - that won’t insult his masculinity. Forget about the overdone packaging and flowery fragrances, your man wants to take care of himself discreetly and effectively.


1. Manly tips for the best shave ever:

Dear gentlemen: Start by cleaning the surface of your skin with a refreshing face wash, which will help in  reducing the likelihood of razor drag and a bad shave. The NIVEA MEN Shaving Gel with Ultra glide Technology ™ contains vitamin E and moisturizers to help prevent moisture loss and keep skin looking healthy. The Ultra glide Technology ™ improves razor glide and helps protect against micro cuts, shave irritations, and provides a close and extra comfortable shave. After shaving, make sure to splash your face with cold water to help close pores, then reach for a soothing after-shave product. NIVEA MEN After Shave Balms or NIVEA MEN  Face Moisturizers will immediately soothe discomfort after shaving and actively hold moisture in the skin preventing it from drying out.


2. Cleansing and moisturizing the manly way...

The facial skin of a man has particular needs. A grown man should consider investing in a product that will  effectively remove impurities so that he can reap the benefits of his chosen moisturizer. While men don’t need to worry about makeup removal, they should be concerned about cleansing the skin from sweat and daily dirt. Push your special guy to clean his face daily in a proper manner.


3. Getting down to business…

If your male counterpart is a no frills kind of guy… in other words… wants to get his routine done as quickly as possible, he can opt for tools and products that will be effective and simple. Encouraging a manly beauty routine that isn’t complicated is often the only way to go.



  • It is recommended to shave after a warm bath or shower and/or after using a facial scrub appropriate for your skin type
  • You may also apply a damp, warm towel to the face prior to shaving
  • Smooth on a small amount of shave cream (just enough to cover shaven area)
  • No water is needed, just glide your razor for a smooth shave
  • Follow with a toner and moisturizer suitable for your skin type

4. Don’t forget the delicate eyes…

Even though a man’s skin is much more durable than a woman’s, the eye area is a sensitive zone for all. From rubbing to tugging, to the everyday grind, the manly eye area also takes a beating. Push your man to use an eye cream so he can contain his youth for as long as he can. Encourage your special male to drink plenty of water every single day, eat a well-balanced diet, and exercise to boost his circulation and his mood. Tie all of this together and he will be healthy both inside and out.