Amazing Benefits of Guava

Monday, December 26, 2016
Amazing Benefits of Guava

Guavas are in season! This super healthy tropical fruit has many benefits to offer due to its rich content in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. From its edible skin to the numerous hard seeds, guavas will boost your overall health and nourish your body. This nutritious rounded fruit is known for its strong, sweet fragrance and sweet and tangy flavor. It’s easily spotted and extraordinarily desired. By the end of this article… you might find yourselves at the nearest grocery store in search of some!


Guavas are a delight in the kitchen as they can be used in a variety of dishes. When shopping in the grocery store, pick guavas that are firm but allow gentle pressure when pressed. Keep them stored in the refrigerator; however, like other fruits and vegetables, it’s best to have your guava as fresh as possible for optimum minerals and vitamins supply.


Guava is mostly eaten raw as a fruit. It gives a very desirable fragrance and taste when included in fruit salads. Chopped guavas make a unique and luscious ingredient in salads. A combination of guava, coriander, lemon juice, cumin, and chili can make a very delicious appetizer! Guava fruit makes a great addition to gourmet main courses, especially as an ingredient in succulent sauces. It is also incorporated in many smoothies for its high nutritional value, as well as in cocktail drinks, such as guava margaritas. Guava fruit can be cooked in the oven in some desserts like guava fruit crumble, and can be made in to creams and frostings for cakes. This desired fruit can also be preserved in the form of jam.


The guava fruit is often overlooked in the field of nutrition and dietetics, steering health seekers away from this nutrition powerhouse. Let’s discover some of the benefits this super food can provide you with!


Immunity Booster! Guavas are a very good source of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. In fact, one medium guava provides around 280% of the recommended daily allowance. Guava’s high supply of vitamin C makes it a good resource to improve the immunity system, protecting your body against common diseases and infections. Eating guava is a smart way to welcome winter with better immunity.


Cancer Guard! Guavas are also rich in lycopene, a phytonutrient well known for its anticancer properties, so it may help prevent prostate cancer and other types of cancer.


Face Beautifier! Eating guava supplies your skin with a big dose of vitamin A plus other vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin and eyes.  Its high amount of vitamin K may help your skin with discoloration, such as dark circles, due to improvement in blood coagulation. The high amount of antioxidants in guava helps ensure the maintenance of healthy skin by fighting against free radicals; this will help improve skin texture and glow. It will also help protect against skin aging and wrinkles… and against many other skin diseases and problems.


Digestive Care! Guavas are very rich in fiber, which improves the bowel movement and enhances digestion. Guavas can help avoid constipation as their seeds have laxative properties. On the other hand, guavas can also help against diarrhea due to their content in tannins with astringent properties. Tannins in guavas also have antibacterial properties and can help clean the intestines.


Diabetes-Friendly!  There are 11g of carbohydrates in one guava of which 5g are in the form of fiber, making this luscious fruit a fiber-rich food. The high dietary fiber content in one guava makes it a convenient and good choice for a nutritious snack for diabetics. Fiber can help control and regulate blood sugar levels.


Hearty Good! The high fiber levels in guavas also play a role in controlling blood cholesterol levels. In addition to that, guavas are a good source of potassium, which improves blood pressure and may help to decrease the risks of cardiovascular problems.


Weight Management! A few guavas a season may keep the dietitian away! One fruit contains only 45 calories, which makes it a suitable healthy and light snack. Weight watchers can enjoy this snack at fewer calories without giving up beneficial nutrients. Their high fiber content makes them very filling and satisfying. The fiber in this fruit will help you feel satiated for a longer period of time compared to fruits with less fiber.