The Pros of Sleeping Butt Naked

Wednesday, June 03, 2015
The Pros of Sleeping Butt Naked

Getting the right amount of sleep comes with an array of benefits, such as sharpened attention, better memory, more creativity, curbed inflammation, reduced blood pressure, and lower heart rate. Still, one cannot refrain from cheekily smiling at the sassy thought of sleeping naked and wondering if whether adding a bit of sexy fun to a good night sleep offers some more unexpected benefits with a twist. Guess what? It does!


Leads to better sleep

Research has shown that our body temperature naturally declines as part of our circadian rhythm as we go to deep sleep. Wearing layers of clothes disrupts this natural drop in temperature and, consequently, disrupts our body’s sleep cycle, leading to bad sleep, restlessness in some, and insomnia in others. Also, people with extremely cold hands and feet (i.e. Raynaud’s Syndrome) are highly advised to sleep naked.


Controls cortisol levels

Soaring cortisol levels are caused by overheated, uncomfortable, and insufficient sleep and, in turn, cause a cluster of health problems such as the undesirable exposure to high cholesterol, abnormal blood sugar levels, diabetes, unwanted weight gain, and severe cravings for sugars and carbs. High cortisol levels also lead to other hormonal imbalances and health conditions including aggravated PMS and thyroid disease.


Improves blood circulation

Elastic waistbands or ankle cuffs, tight t-shirts, and bras restrict blood circulation, causing an interrupted sleep pattern. Allowing and maintaining a freer flow of blood allows oxygen to pump vitality and energy through the vessels of our circulatory system. Furthermore, healthy blood circulation also helps eliminate tension and discomfort from the abdominal viscera nerve region and relieves waist pain.


Burns more calories

There is a new craze right now called “brown fat,” which refers to a type of tissue that burns excess calories to generate heat. Experts believe that brown fat produces 300 times more heat than any other body organ, and recent studies have shown that sleeping in a cold area switches on the brown fat and helps burn calories and beat weight gain at a greater rate. The longer it is activated, the bigger it develops in size and effect.


 Regenerates the skin

Sleeping is the only period of time our skin gets to truly breathe. People with skin diseases and acne are advised to sleep in the nude for positive results. Why? Because skin cell regeneration almost doubles at night in order to accelerate the functioning of the sebaceous glands, the skin’s absorption of nutriments, and eventually, the metabolic rate of the body. A fresh and steady airflow surely sparks the whole process.


Protects privates

Cooler sleeping conditions promote ventilation to these areas and help them stay nicely dry and healthy. For men, it keeps the testes at an adequate temperature which retains their sperm quality and increases erectile functioning as well as fertility. For women, it keeps their special parts in check by keeping sweat and moisture at bay, which prevents developing yeast infections (i.e. thrush) as well as fungal infections.


Produces love hormones

Sleeping naked gives a greater chance of skin-on-skin contact, particularly when it comes to massaging, spooning, and cuddling. This kind of contact releases a copious amount of oxytocin and calledoxytocin. These feel good hormones alleviate anxiety, reduce mood swings, boost sexual alertness, and raise sex drive. Add to that the visual cues of your lover’s bareness and you will be having a much sexier bed time.


Way better than Botox

We have the ability to stay naturally youthful for longer but we need to sleep in a cooler environment to do so. Cool temperatures allow anti-aging hormones (melatonin and growth hormone) to work properly. As we sleep, these hormones increase our calcium retention, strengthen the mineralization of bone, and enhance our muscle mass, amongst other vital functions. They also make our skin and hair look amazing.


Boosts self-confidence

There is nothing sexier that feeling good in your own skin and caring for every inch of your fleshy figure. Exuding self-love is intoxicating because it can touch others and make them pay better attention to you. And as you feel more liberated, you will be glad to crash in bed… between the silkiness of the sheets and the coolness of the air, and flaunt your statuette as you wake up giving yourself a stable need for fitness.


Naturopathic Doctor Natasha Turner suggests keeping our body temperature below 21˚C, but not below an intolerable degree… otherwise we will not be getting any deep, restorative sleep, nor contributing to a better body composition, a stronger relationship, or an enhanced lifestyle. For a smooth transition, it is best if we start sleeping in our underwear and using lighter blankets with breathable fabrics. We should also consider adjusting our sheets and covers by the season. Furthermore, it is helpful to consume sleep-friendly food (e.g. kale, jasmine rice, almonds, cherries, walnuts, bananas, honey, dark chocolate, and chamomile tea). Sleeping naked should be about gaining a healthier, lighter, fresher, and sexier lifestyle.