5 Ways to Smell Amazing All Summer Long

Wednesday, July 08, 2015
5 Simple Ways to Smell Amazing

Hot summer days are on their way. Why not embrace some simple strategies to smell amazing all day long… and right into the summer night?

1. Think of shower gel as your foundation. Choose your product wisely and opt for one that will not clash with your fragrance of choice. Why not even go for a layering effect by choosing the body wash in the same fragrance line?


2. Be sure to wear your fragrance on moisturized skin! Spraying your favorite fragrance on clean and creamed up skin is a sure way to smell amazing all day long!  Using the body lotion in the same fragrance family will also really make an impact!


3. Make your own scented body powder! Spray a couple of cotton balls with your favorite perfume (about 20-30 sprays) and pop into an empty glass or plastic container that is half way filled with baby powder. After 10 days, you will have your own personalized product.


4. Keep your deodorant light and neutral. Most powdery, lightly-scented deodorants won't affect your favorite fragrance. A non-staining stick anti-perspirant/deodorant is the ideal choice during the summer months. It won’t clash with your perfume and will keep you dry and fresh.


5. Spritz your fragrance onto a hair brush. This is a sure way to smell sexy and beautiful all summer long. The heat from a blow dryer will diffuse the scent into your hair as you dry it to perfection. Remember: a little spray goes a long way.