10 Miracle Skincare Ingredients To Look For

Monday, July 13, 2015
10 Miracle Skincare Ingredients

Have you mastered reading labels in the grocery store? If so, congrats! Now all you have to do is start reading the labels of your favorite skin care products. Allow us to acquaint you with some fantastic elements you probably rub on daily…

1. Hyaluronic Acid: HA has a major role in maintaining the healthy appearance of your surface skin cells by hydrating and plumping.


2. Urea: This skin care ingredient boosts water absorption and retention of other skin care products, accelerating cell renewal.


3. Glycerin: This familiar ingredient helps your skin to preserve its internal water balance by drawing in moisture and locking it in.


4. Lactic Acid: This element does its duty by acting as a mild exfoliant to expose new, fresh skin.


5. Retinoids: Retinol is a super element when it comes to fighting those pesky wrinkles, boosting the life cycle of skin cells.  


6. Ceramides: Ceramides help to hold everything together. Also naturally found in the skin's outer layer, they combating dry, scaly skin.


7. Caffeine: Known to constrict blood vessels, you will find caffeine in products boasting a tighter tummy, smoother thighs, and less puffy under-eye circles.


8. Mallow extract: This flower extract forms a wonderful, soothing, and protective gel, offering anti-inflammatory properties and calming delicate, sensitive skin.


9. Shea Butter: Naturally rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E and vitamin F, it intensely nourishes the skin and restores its elasticity.


10. Antioxidants: From rosemary and red tea… to coenzyme Q10 and pomegranate… all antioxidants found in your favorite skin care products are your allies for healthy skin.