Mushy and Mellow in the Mouth

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Mushy and Mellow in the Mouth

Water, unflavored gelatin, light corn syrup, sugar, and vanilla; these are the sole ingredients you need in order to come up with a top quality marshmallow base… the blank canvas on which your culinary genius matched with your love for beautiful flavors entwine to form a pièce de résistance. The best thing about marshmallows is the fact that they are amongst the most flexible and metamorphosable treats.


Sweet’n savory

Gourmet confectioners worldwide are offering the best of both worlds. For instance, U.S. based Viveltre revamped the classic campfire treat by infusing Red Velvet/Nutella flavors as well as bacon flavors. Every piece of the Bacon Sutra has a scorched top that recalls a crispy crackling and a bloody tint thanks to food coloring, making the sweet treat look extra meaty. Sweet marshmallow recipes include s’more pudding cookies, chocolate peanut butter marshmallow pudding cookies, and peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies with a marshmallow center. Marshmallows are typically introduced in the near end to complete the batter or cookie dough. You may add these unique and unlikely snacks to any of your crowd-pleasers and family favorites, as long as the recipe of your choice needs no longer than ten minutes tops to bake.


Fruity’n herby

Fruit-sweetened and essential oil-flavored marshmallows are taking the world by storm as a summery treat with fewer calories than a cupcake. To make your creation stand out, you may resort to candy oils, essences, or natural extracts like fruit juices, purees, jams, coulis, and natural oils. Passion fruit, coconut, orange, lemon, mango, pear, and all sorts of berries are fruits whose flavors stood the test of time. On the other hand, there is a rather modest and timid earthy herb that can set fireworks to a wintery dark sky once merged with brown butter and textbook marshmallow ingredients. This enigmatic ingredient is sage. For a perfectly silky texture, a slightly stronger flavor, and a nice pale green hue, the herb must be chopped into minute pieces. You may grind it with a food processor or in a mortar and pestle with sugar.


Boozy’n homely

UK-based Cloud Nine Marshmallows and Burgh Bakes, as well as US-based Wondermade, proudly present champagne and raspberry marshmallows, beer marshmallows, and fireball/bourbon/gin marshmallows. Although spirits are considered to be a lush indulgence, comfort drinks do not seem to be intimidated by the boozy alchemy that is gaining popularity. In fact, the mochaccino marshmallow recipe has become a bestseller, and blogs like and thekitchn have been experimenting with lassis and eggnogs. The Indian-North American hybrid fusion balances between savory and sweet due to the use of cumin and turmeric. As for the eggnog’s hybridized remake, the addition of maple syrup and vanilla marries two very seemingly incompatible favorites and celebrates their newly found romance with a light dusting of nutmeg. Before you ace any of these recipes, it is easier to experiment with ice wine and hot cocoa first.


Artisanal’n artsy

Although making marshmallows does not require elaborate planning, it does however require an artistic flair – especially when it comes to pairing flavors and marshmallow bites with wine and gold flecks. Innovation can also be found in some artistic circles outside the kitchen. Last September, a series of pop culture marshmallows inspired by movies and TV shows, entitled “Epic Mallows,” mimicked Hollywood’s creations – the rose petals covering up Mena Suvari’s character in American Beauty, a gory eyeball from Kill Bill, and even dragon eggs from Game of Thrones. A year earlier, marshmallow kittens in a cup stole the heart of coffee aficionados. The trendsetter behind the warmly welcomed gooey and chewy kitties is Japan’s first cat café in Yawahada. At a distance, a one-of-a-kind chubby cheeked little figurine with lot of personality stands minding its own business in the company of its saccharine and flashy Marshfellows.


Gourmet, hand-crafted, and homemade marshmallows make a brilliant present or party favor – another reason why they keep having a moment. This petite piece of few ingredients and immense effects is not to be belittled for it echoes the passion you have for good food, the time you put into finding the perfect texture, and the experience you have gained so far. Who would have thought that a single marshmallow cube could be this interesting or reach such great heights?