5 Ways Music Can Boost Your Health

Wednesday, October 19, 2016
5 Ways Music Can Boost Your Health

Hope you have your play list set up because music wins again.


Researchers have come to the conclusion that patients who listen to music are less stressed out post-surgery and actually require less pain medication. That’s good news for music fans!


According to a report in The Lancet, music proves to be a powerful and effective element for pain relief for those that go under anesthetic for surgical procedures. It offers an easy form of anxiety and pain relief… maybe even more than a good massage.


The research team studied 70 trials which included 7,000 patients. These participants were offered a variety of calming types of music. Both stress and pain levels were noticeably reduced once their surgery was complete.


Music poses as a safe, effective, and affordable form of treatment. The study did point out, however, that it didn’t reduce the numbers of days in hospital. A follow-up study will take place at the Royal London Hospital. 


Here are 5 more ways music can make you healthier:


1. Music can aid you at the dentist:

Listening to music with headphones can help you at the dentist office by masking the sounds of the instruments. This can be helpful for those who are afraid of the dentist.


2. Music can push you to get active:

In a recent study, oxygen consumption levels were measured while exercisers listened to different tempos of music while on the stationary bike. Results showed that music with a fast beat pushed people to work out quicker and their bodies used up oxygen more efficiently.


3. Music can boost your memory:

Music pleasure elicits dopamine release, which has been tied to motivation… and this boosts learning capacity and memory. Teens may experts in this area!


4. Music can boost immunity function:

A study conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital found that listening to Mozart’s piano sonatas helped relax critically ill patients by lowering stress hormone levels.


5. Music can relieve stress:

Research has shown that listening to calming music can calm people down…  especially for anxious women giving birth! 

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