How To Shop Like An Italian

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
LA Dolce Vita
How To Shop Like An Italian

Ok… so you can’t run over to Italy this weekend, we understand. However, you can learn how to think and act like an Italian… and that will work just fine for the time being. Bring out the Italian in you and learn the tricks of the trade when out shopping for food…


  • Shop daily for fresh items. This takes more time out of your schedule, but it is a sure way to get the best, fresh ingredients for your home-cooked meals.
  • Get to know your butcher and baker! These guys are your mates and in the end will help you pick the best cuts and buys for your money.
  • Try to purchase what is in season in order to guarantee freshness. Fresh produce will cook up perfectly and offer you the best flavor in your meals.
  • Only choose top quality ingredients for your recipes as this is the only way to ensure a delicious meal.
  • Stop for a coffee with a friend before heading over to the market… this Italian move will put you in a good mood and in the right frame of mind for shopping with ease.