It takes two to TANGO

Thursday, August 27, 2015
Interview with Mazen Kiwan – Tango Dancer and Choreographer
It Takes Two To TANGO

Argentine tango is a form of dance that has been around for more than 100 years now. This sexy and beautiful form of flowing movement allows you to develop a deep presence within your being. It is passionate, elegant, and dramatic. Respect for one’s partner is key in this Argentinean dance form…It represents our glorious life in all its forms and symbolizes the essence of the connection between a man and a woman.

How would you describe the tango?

The tango is a social dance. It has a history of more than 100 years and is considered to be very elegant. It involves a very natural form of movement with the body, connecting a man and a woman on a very deep level.


Who has inspired you?

I have been inspired by many great people such as Gustavo Navera, who has an innovative and delicate style with a touch of sharpness and grace; I have also danced with many others such as Pablo Veron and Chicho Frumboli, all of whom offer great inspiration. Lebanon has inspired me as well with the music, the dancing, and even the movies.


You have participated in many festivals all over the world. Tell us about this.

Yes indeed. I have taught and participated in many international festivals. I have danced in the USA, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, France, Norway, Hungary, and even Russia.


As a form of fitness and wellbeing, how would you describe dancing Argentine tango?

I would say that it can be compared to achieving a meditative state of mind. You need to be in the right mind frame and have complete control and balance with a true connection to your partner. You find your inner self with the tango. While other forms of dance may be tiresome, I can say that the tango actually energizes you. It is beautiful and very deep. It is not an intensive aerobic dance style; however, dancing the tango twists the torso and requires good posture and graceful leg extensions for the woman.


The tango has been described as “A sad thought danced.” Do you agree with this statement?

Actually, this is a cliché. You can be ecstatic or sad and dance the tango nevertheless. It is a deep and meaningful dance; it is not meant to offer a sad mood. Hollywood often presents this form of dance in a stereotypical way with the rose between the teeth etc. It is much, much more than that.


Can anyone learn how to dance the tango?

This is one of the greatest aspects of tango…absolutely anyone at any age can learn how to do it. It does not discriminate in any way. You do not need to be super slim or in tip top shape; all you need is to have the desire to do it and accept it with all of your being. You need to deeply connect to the movements and have complete respect for your partner. The man represents a virile creature while the woman is sensual. Balance is necessary; this is a form of dance where the man is not leading in a significant manner. The role of the woman is so important and vital. I encourage everyone to give tango a try. If any readers are interested in joining a tango workshop, they can contact the Lebanon Dance Academy.


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