Habits to Adopt for the 30 plus Crowd

Monday, September 07, 2015
Habits to Adopt for the 30 plus Crowd

How you treat your skin from a very early age pretty much dictates how you will look in years to come. Protecting it, nourishing it, and maintaining it will help to create and preserve the best version of you. Follow these habits and you will be grateful in the future…

Habit #1: Wear sunscreen every single day… even if you aren’t lying on the beach!

Wearing sunscreen all throughout the year is a sure way to protect your skin from premature aging and dark spots. You can even get the protection you need with makeup and day creams that have an SPF factor. 


Habit #2: Think radiance when choosing your favorite skincare line.

Find an effective product that works well with your skin type and use it thoroughly and regularly. Young skin is radiant skin, so select a brightening cream that will boost your natural glow and diminish dark spots.


Habit #3: Reduce the appearance of large pores… a telltale sign of maturing skin.

Enlarged pores scream out maturity, but you don’t have to give in. Fill them and cover them up for a younger looking you…. It’s a simple move that makes a big impact.


Habit #4: Apply face powder sparingly to avoid a cakey, heavy look. No matter how old you are, overdoing it with pressed or loose powder can make you look dry and tired. Always opt for a good quality product and use it sparingly.