Jane Konsol Candid and Colorful

Monday, September 21, 2015
Jane Konsol Candid and Colorful
Jane Konsol Candid and Colorful
Jane Konsol Candid and Colorful
Jane Konsol Candid and Colorful
Jane Konsol Candid and Colorful

Singer-songwriter… Check

Dancer… Check

Record producer… Check


Model… Check


And now she has her own swimsuit collection. Let’s cut to the chase and talk to the young woman whose face seems to be splattered everywhere nowadays.



Tell us about your latest swimwear line. How would you describe it? Did you take part in the designing of the pieces?

My swimwear collection is very elegant and classy. It’s inspired by a woman who likes to embrace her femininity in a modern way. I have a very talented team who helps bring my ideal designs to life.


Do you think growing up in Tyre on the beach had anything to do with your desire to have a swimsuit collection?

Of course. Growing up on the beach in Tyre helped me build my imagination. I have dreamt about having my own collection since I was child, and now it’s a dream come true.


Are you active on social media? Which platform is your favorite?

I’m very active on social media and enjoy being close to my fans by regularly communicating with them. I post a lot about my daily life on Instagram, which is my favorite platform.


How do you spend your spare time?

I don't have spare time. My schedule is overloaded. I wish I had spare time to read more.


What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?

I see myself as a successful woman with a beautiful family which won't stop me from being a philanthropist.


What plans do you have for the near future?

I’m working on my new perfume in Paris and aiming to design a new jewelry collection in the near future. I enjoy singing as a hobby and am currently working on a new song and music video.


Do you prefer modeling or singing?

I’m a former model. Singing is my hobby but I'm currently focusing on my business and charity work. Upon launching my latest swimwear line, I collaborated with SANAD Hospice Care, an NGO whose mission is to provide comprehensive home-based hospice care to terminally ill patients while preserving their dignity and enhancing the quality of their remaining life. My upcoming event with Anthony Rizk, “The Walk of Legends,” will save money for the Brave Heart Fund where 100% of proceeds will help save children’s lives.


Is it true you have a dog named Louis Vuitton?

Yes. It’s a mini Yorkshire. I also have a new Pomeranian named Minion.



What is your ultimate beauty secret?

I believe beauty means simplicity, and particularly, self-confidence. I try to be very simple in my appearance and style. I don't like to put on a lot of makeup and generally follow a healthy diet. My main secret, however, is my self-confidence.


Do you have a favorite makeup brand? Which makeup lines do you favor?

I like many brands, and use different ones for my make-up. I always follow up on the latest trends and styles in order to ensure the most suitable brand for my face. I am always up for trying new items in the market.


Do you wear makeup every day? What types of makeup do you use and what do you always have in your purse?

During the day, if I don't have any special occasion, I don't wear makeup because I do a lot of sports and yoga. I only wear makeup in meetings and special events. In my purse, I always have mascara, blush, and lipstick.


What is the secret to your beautiful skin?

I go to the spa occasionally, where they take care of my skin by using very specific oils for massage, body scrub, and facials. I also use lotions on a daily basis.


Do you protect your skin from the sun? Are you a sun worshipper?

I always use sunblock to protect my face. I love summer, and I like to spend my days by the pool or on the beach, tanning and reading.


What did the beauty pageants you participated in teach you?

They taught me how to have sportsmanship and accept the fact that we don't always win in life.



What type of diet do you follow? Is there anything you don’t eat?

I eat everything in small quantities, and of course, never eat junk food.


How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I exercise daily and eat healthy food.


What do you think is the key to maintaining your good health?

Determination is the key to being fit.


Give us an example of your daily diet routine.

I start my day with two glasses of water; then I have two egg whites or two slices of turkey. For my morning snack, I eat a fruit to give me energy. At noon, I have my lunch, which is anything grilled or sushi with a salad. I always include a fruit as an afternoon snack after my meals. At night, I only eat a salad.


What is your idea of a healthy snack?

Fruits or vegetables.


How do you maintain your mental and emotional health?

I read a lot of books about positivity and psychology, which continuously teach me and give me power. I am currently reading Anthony Rizk’s “The Power of Life Mastery,” which discusses the key formula for creating long-lasting and measurable change in one’s life. I also meditate on a daily basis which helps me relax. 


Do you still enjoy dancing? How would you describe your experience on DWTS?

I enjoy dancing when I'm out with my friends and take private dancing sessions from time to time. DWTS was an amazing experience. I've learned so much from it as it paved the way for many opportunities in my career.



You posted on Facebook that your ultimate goal is to reach advanced level of Ashtanga and Jivamutki Yoga. Are you still practicing yoga, and if so, how does it affect your lifestyle?

I do yoga three times a week but I'm willing to travel to India to become a professional Yogi.  Yoga adds incredible benefits to our bodies. It can change your physical and mental capacity quickly, while also preparing the mind and body for long-term health. Yoga also helps you to be more focused.


How often do you work out and exercise? What is your routine?

Every day in the morning, I exercise for one or two hours. I either do Cross Fit, boxing, fast-walking, or training at the gym.


Do you have a personal trainer?

I have three: a PT for daily gym sessions, a PT for Cross Fit exercises, and a PT for boxing.


Have you always been physically active? Is your fantastic shape from a strict exercise regimen or is it partially good genes?

Yes. I have been physically active my entire life. I practice sports everyday due to the fact that it is also common in my family. You can say I have good genes because my entire family regularly exercises. Mom usually joins me in my daily training. She is a great companion and always keeps me smiling throughout the day.


You seem to have always been an active individual… taking activities such as gymnastics and boxing in the past. What other activities, sports, and hobbies do you participate in?

There are many, which include scuba and sky diving, meditation, yoga, and reading.



What are your top tips for maintaining an amazing figure?

My tips would be to follow a healthy diet, exercise daily, and meditation… which is a great way for maintaining an amazing figure. I also advise everyone to read about positivity as it personally boosts my mood.


What are your top tips for feeling energetic and happy on a daily basis?

I enjoy meditating a lot and that's mainly a great way to stay positive and happy. While stuck in traffic, all I do is listen to motivational speeches.


What are your top tips for maintaining beautiful, healthy looking hair?

A healthy hair treatment is a great way to maintain fabulous looking hair.


What are your top tips for sustaining a balanced lifestyle?

I personally believe that to achieve a balanced lifestyle you need to exercise as much as possible and meditate, as meditation gives your soul a great sense of relaxation. One should just do whatever they like, break the routine, and just give themselves extra time to enjoy the things they like to do most.

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