Marilyn Monroe 6 Beauty Secrets

Sunday, September 27, 2015
Marilyn Monroe's 6 Beauty Secrets

Oh the mystery behind this infamous beauty! Check out these 6 intriguing beauty facts behind the most glamourous woman ever…

1. Marilyn’s first husband Jim Dougherty remembers that Marilyn used to wash her face with Shu Uemura cleansing oil and then rinsed 15 times with cold water.


2. She used either Elizabeth Arden’s Pat-A-Creme foundation or Erno Laszlo foundation. She also used Erno Laszlo Duo-Phase Face Powder.


3. She would take ice baths with a dash of Chanel No. 5; she believed it kept her skin tight and cellulite free.


4. She always used Nivea Skin moisturizing lotion.


5.  Marilyn layered 5 different red lipsticks to achieve the perfect shade.


6. She always wore false eyelashes but would cut them in half and only apply the outer half.

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