Magical Weight Loss

Thursday, October 01, 2015
Magical Weight Loss

If you have ever wondered whether miracles exist or not, you can now be assured that they do. The talk of the town is all about pure forskolin extract and how it may offer the best way to burn fat, without burning muscle. Dr. Oz has even touted it as “the holy grail of weight loss.” And there is more: you do not even need to exercise to get results; however, exercise will definitely enhance your outcome.


This extract has been around for centuries. Many individuals living in native environments have used this plant for long and have known about its health benefits. It has been used to treat heart problems, such as high blood pressure, respiratory disorders, asthma, and chest pain. It comes from the mint family and is an herbal extract from coleus forskohlii. It increases the production of cyclic AMP, which increases the contractility of the heart muscle.


Several years ago, there was speculation that it may have a certain effect on thyroid cells, and could help prevent cancer and tumor growth. The most recent research has shown that this extract can help you lose weight as well. A recent study demonstrated that several women lost around 1 kg in just 2 weeks by using this extract. As a result, its popularity has spread and it has now become known as a great fat burning agent.


Before you rush out and buy some, you need to ensure a couple of particular elements.  It must contain at least 10% forskolin, serving dosage must be 250mg, and the extract must be in the actual bottle and free from artificial ingredients. Basically, try to find organic or 100% natural pure forskolin and always check with your healthcare provider first before ingesting.


This extract has a unique relation with fat; it basically burns it, disposes of it, and halts new fat from forming. It also helps to curb your appetite, aiding you to eat with moderation.


While the media has boasted about this herb, it is crucial for you to do your own research. Little investigation has been done on the possible side effects; however, this herb only presented warnings for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and those with bleeding disorders. It may possibly interfere with certain heart diseases and surgery as well, due to its ability to increase bleeding post surgery.