The Erotic Power of a Virile Hand

Wednesday, October 07, 2015
The Erotic Power of a Virile Hand

Some of the best sexual fantasies are not the preplanned type. They can take life out of anything, and a visual signal - like the sight of a virile hand - may propel a torrent of outrageously sexual fancies. This article reports some of the most fetishized hands. However, you are free to fantasize about any other “looker.”


Fatherly figures

Be it because you got along well with your father or because you had the unfortunate circumstance of an absent one; be it because you are secretly attracted to married men or to bad boys with a heart of gold, you cannot deny that the single sight of a virile hand with a wedding ring makes you all hot and horny. Seeing it caress a newborn can recall the aphrodisiac fantasy of having an appealing man who is both manly and motherly.



The gynecologist is a polarizing figure because, while some women hate the mere idea of getting a pelvic examination, they may succumb to the specialist’s skills in their wildest daydreams. Since he knows all too well how to tease a woman’s sexuality and what to do to send her genital system to the moon, he is the only man who has ultimate, scientifically conceivable knowledge. He is feared as much as he is coveted.



Well-groomed farmers are a full package that interweaves natural tan lines, bruises, freckling, a muscular form, a mud-spattered truck, cowboy gear, and most importantly, a green hand. This hand, as it rests on a woman’s body, may bring a touch of fruitfulness as well as a drop of freshness, detect the slightest shiver of a desire as if it were an autumn leaf, and feel the feeblest fluttering of a bud as if it were morning dew.



Bankers too have green hands. Their fingers rub on cash and credit cards all day long, and as we flirt with them, we wish a bit of that richness would rub off on us. When they are of a virtuous nature, their assets lie in their transparency and integrity; but in the opposite scenario, these bad boys are capable of fraudulent behavior and attract a litany of lawsuits, fines, and convictions. Either way, they are neither boring nor stodgy.



Everyone who has a plumber fantasy definitely has a mechanic fantasy. There is something emotionally lubricating about a greasy hand, sexually tingling about a roaring engine, and suggestively naughty about the way mechanics handle heavy-duty tools. In our organic fictions, these technicians know better than anyone how to get our engine going… once through with the task that leaves them nicely dirty and sweaty.


Restaurant chefs

They evolve in a hostile environment packed with high pressure, high heat, sudden complications, picky palettes, and a tremendous amount of stress, and yet, they create masterpieces that they dust with salt and pepper, spice and sea salt, chili and coulis. They are pack leaders and amazing artists who work with knives and torches, and yet, when they enter our reveries unannounced, they hand feed us so delicately.


Personal drivers

Sure, they aren’t Formula One racers with whom you may have a swift backseat affair, nor are they butch truck drivers with whom open air sex leaves you legless for days, but they are private fulltime employees who may provide some steady backdoor action. Gloved or bare, seeing your personal driver’s hands steer your way can be as secretive as a glitzy seasonal fling, but also as reckless as a rugged, bump-infested road trip.



These are hands that may have orchestrated raids, battles, and ambushes, and yet, have possibly also laid a heartfelt touch on the chest of a dying teammate. These are hands that may have helped out in a natural disaster zone, and yet, have made sweet love to a distant wife on leave period. The actions soldiers perpetuate in a setting of intergroup conflicts are widely communicated information that adds to the charms of the man in uniform.


Anatomically speaking, hands are fascinating. Practically speaking, they trace actions that make things happen. Sexually speaking, they are multitasking miracle workers that jumpstart an avalanche of hunger and desire, of cries and sighs. Join a man’s hand to a woman’s libido and you will get instant carnal magic.