Guerlain Parure Gold

Wednesday, October 07, 2015
Guerlain Parure Gold

A New Formula Inspired by Pure Gold

To banish imperfections, revive the skin by erasing its irregularities, and cloak it in a luminous veil, Guerlain offers you its exquisite reinvented foundation with a precious rejuvenating radiance. Since its launch in 2009, Parure Gold has radically raised the bar in terms of radiant make-up results. A Guerlain foundation bestseller in Asia, it is widely acclaimed by the most demanding women where skincare and make-up are concerned.


New dual-faceted “Gold” pigments

These iridescent pigments not only diffract the light, creating a unique glow on the skin, but the dual- facets reflect each other like a subtle play of  mirrors to give infinite radiance. With their innovative design, these pigments brighten dark areas, erase the signs of time, diminish the marks of tiredness, and enhance the complexion.


The collagen and elastin booster

Exclusive technology based on a key ingredient, hexapeptide, a synthetic peptide that contains arginine, glutamic acid, glutamine and methionine.  It stimulates key proteins in elasticity and skin cohesion for flawless, comfortable skin. And as before, the formula contains extract of myrrh, that precious resinous balm, a legendary plant with regenerating properties.


Available in fluid and compact form:

PARURE GOLD Fluid Foundation SPF 30 – PA+++

PARURE GOLD Compact Foundation SPF 15 – PA++