Can the Color Green Affect Your Workout

Monday, November 28, 2016
Can the Color Green Affect Your Workout?

You are probably assuming that we are going to boast about working out in the midst of nature, right? Well, not quite. According to a research study, the positive effects of ‘green exercise' have to do with the actually green hue, rather than being surrounded by green grass and trees.


The study showed that the color green might simply make you 'feel good.' Researchers at the University of Essex in England gathered 14 college aged males and had them ride a stationary exercise bike for 5 minutes as they also watched a video showing them a green and natural environment. The researchers would then change the tone of the video to black and white for 5 minutes, and then to red for 5 minutes. Then they analyzed the mood of the men after each 5 minute interval. 


What did they discover? The young men felt less fatigued and had fewer mood disturbances when looking at the color green compared to when they were watching the video in black and white and red. The red video actually made them feel angry. This same group of researchers also discovered in a previous study project that only 5 minutes of exercise in the outdoors produced significant increases in mood and self-esteem. So get on your running shoes and head out to the great outdoors.

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