Is Your Diet Making You Depressed

Thursday, November 05, 2015
Is Your Diet Making You Depressed?

Dieting shmieting! A strict diet can make anyone feel down in the dumps. So as you aim to shed those extra kilos with a good old diet fix, you should be aware that a recent study claims your dieting ways may be making you depressed.


Research out of the University of Montreal reveals that going on a diet can actually make you very depressed when it comes down to brain chemicals. Physicians focused on 2 groups of mice: one fed a high fat sugary type of diet, and the other, a healthy and balanced diet. It was found that the brain chemistry of the mice consuming the poor diet actually changed over time; it was concluded that should the mice shift to a healthy diet, they would probably experience withdrawal symptoms, in addition to depression and a greater sensitivity to stress... which could launch them into a vicious cycle of poor eating habits. Welcome to our world!


So what is the moral of the story? Let it be known that a poor diet rich in sugar and fat will screw up your mind, and drastically cutting out such foods, can make you feel down in the dumps - possibly leading you back to your old bad habits. It's all downhill...


The take home message is simple: stick to a healthy diet that won't make you feel deprived or starved. Take your dieting ways step by step and one day at a time. Give yourself a break every once in a while and make your diet plan a healthy lifestyle plan that you can stick to indefinitely with confidence.